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  Garbh Sanskar Divine Spiritual Pregnancy Online Live Antenatal Classes      

(World's Most Advanced Antenatal Parenting Program) 

      Do you want to create a super baby ???????.... 
Yes, Now it is possible to give birth to a brilliant, beautiful, healthy, cultured and a hereditary disease free baby by using our scientifically proven garbh sanskar technique.


                                              The object of Garbha Sanskara technique is to create a healthy, good looking, brilliant, cultured, peace loving and free from hereditary disorders progeny for the future. Since ancient times it has been known that the child in the womb adopts impressions from its surroundings and the behavior of its mother and also starts learning things. This fact has now been confirmed by modern science. The well known story of ancient India from Mahabharat of Abhimanyu tells us that he learned the art of entering Chakravyuha (a special war formation) while he was in the womb, when his mother Subhadra was listening this technique from her husband Arjun. This process not only helps in creation of super baby but also helps the people who have difficulty in taking issue. Its best example is the birth of Lord Shri Ram. Father of Lord Shri Ram, Dashrath ji was having difficulty in taking issue. By this divine process he not only got issue but a great soul Lord Shri Ram. Even Lord Krishna with his wife Rukmani did tap-sadhna in Badridham and got a genius baby named Pradhumna. The health of the parents is directly responsible for the health of a child. Not only their physical health, but also their psychological and spiritual health affects the child in the womb. The surrounding environment, the food, the activities, positive or negative thinking, in fact everything the mother is exposed to during the pregnancy directly affects the child. In Garbha Sanskar technique we teach to correct all the related things in positive manner to get best results in baby. This technique is great and systematic combination of purification of our body, purification of sperms & ovum, conception in special astrological situation, special herbal formulation, yagna with special mantra & herbal medicines, special diet, special mantra chanting & anushthan, yoga with its all eight parts, psychotherapy & so many other things. Garbh sanskar works on all the level of body, mind & soul. It insures safe pregnancy & enjoying motherhood. To invite a great soul from universe to mother's womb is also possible. Can we invite pure, sacred & great soul in womb?  To know Please go to my website www.divyagarbhsanskar.com Process of this technique should basically be started minimum 2 to 3 months or even more before conception. Although people normally contact us after conception. In that situation they should rush us as early as possible to get maximum possible benefits. By garbh samwad technique expected couple can talk & instruct the baby in the womb and can make the baby as they want. 
                         In agriculture we try our best to get best crop by selecting best seed, best land, best fertilizer. We apply our efforts to get best breed of our cattle like hoarse, cow, dog etc. then why not to create our baby. By using very powerful techniques of garbh sanskar in particular manner with great concentration & determination, we can not only nullify hazards hereditary diseases but also can create super baby. Garbh Sanskar is based on traditional practices and prepared after much research, with the hope that children born with good health, intelligence, love & culture will ensure a bright future for our planet as they are the real property of any family, society & country. It is the best investment of the world, which give infinite times returns in our life. 


Divine Pregnancy

         Spiritual Pregnancy

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