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  Garbh Sanskar Divine Spiritual Pregnancy Online Live Antenatal Classes      

(World's Most Advanced Antenatal Parenting Program) 

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Here we will learn about the type of food to be taken during pregnancy. We will also learn about what not to eat, contradictions of food. We ought to know which food is not to be taken during pregnancy. There are certain types of food which make our blood impure and are the cause of abortion. Choice of wrong food will leave wrong impact on the developing fetus. There are few common things that we know. Like, taking clear butter with equal amount of honey will make poison. There are several food combinations that are not good for mother and the fetus. For example, Green leafy vegetables and milk are good to have separately. But they are very harmful when consumed together. Wrong food habits will always lead us to health problems. Lot of skin problems occur because of the wrong  combination of food. We will have to visit the doctors frequently just because of wrong food habits and yet sometimes we don’t catch the root cause of the disease. We teach such important food concepts in our online live classes. You can take our class from anywhere in this world. 

              For more detail please see youtube video. Link given on home page of this website www.divyagarbhsanskar.com


Food during Pregnancy

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