All of us know that Yagna is important in few ceremonies such as marriage.  A yagna was performed before the birth of Lord Ram. This Yagna not only rectified the problems related to the infertility but also helped in giving birth to the divine Avatar Lord Ram. You might have heard about Ashwamedha Yagna, Chandi Yagna, and RajSooya Yagna. These Yagna were performed for some special purposes. 

                    Yagna has a very special therapeutic effect. During pregnancy Garbh Pushti yagna is performed. In this Yagna a specific herbal preparation energized in the sacrificial fire of yagna is given to the mother to reach the fetus.

                    This special 'treatment' performed with chanting of mantras during yagna,  strengthens healthy development of the gross (physical), subtle (mental) and astral (conscious) body of the child. This will take 10 to 15 minutes in total. Yagna is a subtle science. Injection acts faster than a capsule and a nebulizer acts faster than injection. In other words smaller the particle faster it acts. We can understand this with an example. Without food you can live for 10 – 15 days, without water you can live for 4-5 days, but without air you cannot live for more than 3 minutes. Food molecules are bigger in size, water molecules are smaller in size but air molecules are so small that we cannot even see them with our naked eyes. 

                    Mobile and internet waves are very subtle and cannot be seen through eyes. Waves  can travel throughout the world but cannot be seen. Similarly, energy released by Yagna and Mantra cannot be seen through our eyes. But this subtle yagna and mantra energy provide nourishment to mind, body
& soul of fetus.         

                    We teach you HOMA THERAPY OR YAGNA THERAPY in our online live antenatal classes, where you can clear your all concepts regarding this miraculous therapy.


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Homa Therapy or Yagna Therapy 

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