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  Garbh Sanskar Divine Spiritual Pregnancy Online Live Antenatal Classes      

(World's Most Advanced Antenatal Parenting Program) 

ANKUR MEHTA - Life coach

  • MBA in International Business with dual specialization in HR & Marketing with Silver medal
  • Co-founder- Pause n Learn – Training & Wellness Academy
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Life Skills trainer
  • Sound Healer
  • Yoga and Personality Refinement Trainer

Ankur is a seeker on the path of spirituality who firmly believes that solutions to all the problems of current times can be resolved through inner transformation of people.

Professional Experience:
Presently working for Pause n Learn as Life Skills’ trainer, Ankur have worked and learnt from different corporate houses, academic institutions and industry experts.
2008-2016: Volunteered services as Faculty member of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya,Shantikunj, Haridwar.

2006-2008: Served Jain group of Institute as Manager Corp. Relations and Placements & Faculty for HR & Marketing Type.

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Dr.Anand Dhingra
super baby creation team

                      Dr RAHUL GUPTA

B.A.M.S. (Gold Medalist, University Topper), M.D. (Ayu.) Pune   Registration no – 48233


 He is one of the best ayurvedic physicians in India & winner of many  awards. He is Rasayana Therapist (Rejuvenation Therapist), Ayurveda, Yoga & Panchakarma Consultation. He supports us in research & development in garbh sanskar programme and gives consultation for all chronic diseases.

A great saint, expert in mind, body & soul purification. He is living on fruit & milk only since last 15 years. He is managing Gayatri Dham Ashram in Jamli Dist. Sendhwa (M.P.).  We are blessed to be guided by his expert guidance in Garbh Sanskar. 
                             To know more- 

                                DR ANAND DHINGRA                                         

       Dr Anand Dhingra completed M.B.B.S. from Government Mahatma Gandhi
Memorial Medical College, Indore (M.P.) registration no. M.P.- 3692.  Motivated by the interest to learn deeply alternative science  he continued his education  and completed M.D. in alternative medicine, Vaidhya vishrad, diploma in naturopathy, certificate course in yoga, certificate course in vastu pyramid, shambhavi & sidhha healing. Having completed his formal education in medical science he has worked as an intensive care unit   in charge (I.C.U.  Doctor) in different hospitals of Indore.                                   
          He has successfully combined modern medicine with chromo therapy, naturopathy, homa therapy, ayurveda,  shambhavi & sidhha healing (an advance type of reki or pranic healing), mantra therapy, yogic science, psychotherapy, diet therapy, dousing, garbh samwad (teaches talking to unborn baby) technique. He uses combination of above given techniques in garbh sanskar. He provides consultation to interested couple in order to give birth to a brilliant, beautiful, healthy, cultured and hereditary disease free baby.


A spiritual giant and a magnetic personality, who is living without food and water for last 24 years.  NASA has approached him to perform research on the secrets of living without food and water. He works at the soul level. He performs Punsavan sanskar ( Baby Shower ) for the developing  fetus in the mother’s womb. As per the hindu holy scriptures Punsavan Sanskar is one of the most important sacramental rites which helps in the brain, soul and body development of the fetus. A special herbal preparation energized in the sacrificial fire of yagya is given to the mother to reach the fetus. This special ‘treatment’ is performed with chanting of mantras during a yagya which strengthens healthy development of the gross (physical), subtle (mental) and astral (conscious) body of the child. The experiments on the Punsvan sanskar (baby showers) have revealed startling results: the mothers, who were prone to abortion or whose earlier issues were subjected to metabolic system's deficiencies or to some genetic disorders since birth, have delivered healthy babies after this sanskar. He performs these sanskar on unborn baby 3 times during pregnancy for brain development, soul development & whole body development. He does not charge anything for this work. We are really blessed by his spiritual guidance and support in garbh sanskar.

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