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Psycho Therapy for pregnant women

               Every person is unique and has different personality. He or she has some good habits and some bad habits. How can we bring change to our personality and improve it? How to get rid of negative traits of the personality? Why to let the negative traits transfer to our child? We have to control of our negative traits. We need to shield our child from all the negative things. Your high thinking will be transferred to the fetus and this will change the thought process of the child. 

                     Whatever to be mother thinks or feels will leave ever lasting impact on the fetus. If to be mother has noble thoughts then the child will also be of noble thoughts as child is her reflection. Therefore only a great mother can give birth to a great child. Mother has to be happy in every situation. Home atmosphere should be favorable and happy. All the family members should respect and love each other.  We take online live classes on this very important subject, where you can clear your all concepts. You can join these garbh Sanskar online live antenatal classes from anywhere of this world. 


 For complete details please go to home page of our website  www.divyagarbhsanskar.com &   see youtube video.

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  Garbh Sanskar Divine Spiritual Pregnancy Online Live Antenatal Classes      

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