Scientific evidences

               Now Modern science has very strong evidences and widely accepted that fetus               in the womb can hear sounds, can smell, can learn, can feel touch, can see light, can         catch emotions, can react to external & internal stimuli after so many research.          To know more, please go to following website-

      (very important site)





  • Discover How Your Thoughts and Feelings Affect Your Unborn Baby. Positive and Negative ThoughtsMay Affect Baby’s Genetics. To know how please go to- 


  • A very- very important site for people who want know spiritual science  explanation -

  • Positive and Negative Thoughts May Affect Fetal Genetics. To know how please go to-


  • To know the effect of consciousness on genes please go to-


  • New Research Reveals That Thoughts and Emotions Affect Genes. To know please go to-

  • To know how we can take energy directly from sun and can live without food for years, please visit-

  • To know true facts about superhuman please watch:-

         "stan lee’s  superhuman" episode on discovery channel or on youtube.


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