Before joining we will give you 2 to 3 free / trial / demo classes, so you would be able to understand our pattern. After that you can take decision whether you want to join classes or not.

We hope you have gone through youtube lecture. If not please go to home page of this website & click on youtube video where you will find complete detail about garbh sanskar & our online classes. We have world’s greatest & biggest collection on garbh sanskar books, music & mantra with more than 172 titles, which you can order online.

We know this thing that it is very tedious job to listen or read all CDs, DVDs & books during pregnancy. Because most of us don’t have time. If any how you listen & read all cds, dvds & books then how you will interpret. Practical experience and live guidance on every step of before & during pregnancy is must. Experts should be with you, with whom you can clear your doubts. We have dedicated team of extremely talented extraordinary mentors to guide you making unborn baby genius. Please see our team web page of this web site.

We are new to each other, so to believe on use & to know our potential, we offer you fee live trial classes. We also have money back guarantee. To know about money back guarantee please see FAQ section.

All these 172 books & cds hardly cover 20% of our world’s most advanced garbh sanskar online antenatal parenting programme. In our online classes we give more than 100 lectures & combine near about 15 different powerful therapies. There cumulative effect gives miraculous results.

So we strongly suggest you to join our online classes. For that please do take free / trial / demo classes.