Effects of fenugreeks seeds in pregnancy

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Here are some benefits of fenugreek seeds

  1. Action against gestational Diabetes.
  2. Helps in contraction.
  3. Encourages the enlargements of breast size.
  4. Reduces the labor pain.
  5. Fulfill the Iron deficiency.
  6. Enhance the Iron absorption.
  7. Antibacterial effects.
  8. antifungal effects.
  9. Anti-inflammatory effects.

Let’s have a glance at side effects as well…

  1. Indigestion problems
  2. Urine Odor
  3. Allergic effects
  4. Contraction
  5. Lower the blood sugar
  6. Anencephaly effect
  7. Interaction with drugs

Although plants and herbs might seem natural and considered safe, they can have potent effects on the body. Trigonella foenum graecum L.Leguminosae well known as fenugreek, a plant whose leaves and seeds had been used since ancient time in alternative medicine, could have beneficial as well as several potentially serious effects on your unborn baby.

Here I’m explaining the beneficial effects of fenugreek seeds in your body during pregnancy and after the delivery.

  1. Action against gestational Diabetes.

During the pregnancy, your body naturally becomes more resistant to insulin so that more glucose is available to nourish the fetus. This is not a problem as when your body needs additional insulin to process excess glucose present in blood, the pancreas act here and secretes more. The problem arises when the pancreas can’t keep up with the increased demand for insulin in the body during pregnancy, which results in blood sugar levels rise too high because the cells aren’t using the glucose causing gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes needs to be recognized and treated earlier because it can cause health problem to both mother and baby. To know more about gestational diabetes please read the next article. In order to avoid such situation try to include fenugreek in your diet. Fenugreek is known to lower the chances of developing gestational diabetes. Fenugreek is reported to stabilize blood sugar level therefore often used by diabetics, however, during pregnancy, a doctor’s advice is mandatory before consumption.

  1. Helps in contraction.

It’s been ages since women are using fenugreek to induce contraction. It is reported that prolonged labor process can be shortened by using fenugreek. Why use Pitocin when you got fenugreeks.

  1. Encourages the enlargements of breast size.

You can thanks to all those pregnancy hormones for breast tenderness which is common during pregnancy. Thankfully, fenugreek can help you to provide relief. Just steep a few grams of it in lukewarm water and drink it every day.

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  1. Reduces the labor pain.

Fenugreek is well known to induce contractions and result in the whole labor process quickly. If your delivery date is upon you and you take fenugreek seeds tea to induce labor, it is a benefit for you.

  1. Fulfill the Iron/ mineral deficiency.

Fenugreek seeds are loaded with essential minerals like Iron Potassium magnesium phosphorous. Consuming it will fulfill your iron deficiency.

  1. Enhance the Iron absorption.

Just having Iron in your diet is not enough unless it is not absorbed by your body. If you take fenugreeks with tomato and potato is induces the iron absorption in the body.

  1. Antibacterial effects and antifungal effects.

Having fenugreeks in your post maternal diet reduces the chances of bacterial and fungal infection in your body and baby’s as well.

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects.

In lab studies, it has been observed that fenugreeks seeds have the anti-inflammatory effect on the body, therefore, it is beneficial for your body and same goes for your baby as well cause infant immune system is not well developed and fenugreeks help to the strength that.

Fenugreeks is a must have herb in your post maternal diet. In many Asian countries like India China and other fenugreeks has been given to pregnant lady during the pregnancy as well as after delivery in many ways by including them in tasty and mouthwatering dishes.

Earlier we had discussed the positive effects of fenugreeks seeds. Let’s talk about its harmful effects as well. There is an old saying in Sanskrit ati sarvatra varjate it means anything more than required is always harmful. Same goes for fenugreeks as well.

Note to the reader none of these studies had been done or performed on human all the data emphasized here is the study carried on animals only.

 Indigestion problems

Fenugreek can cause digestive problem and flatulence. At the time of pregnancy, your digestive system is in any case vulnerable. You can end up with indigestion! By the addition of fenugreek to the diet, and If you want to prevent bloating, nausea, diarrhea,  or gas stay away from fenugreek or at least consume it after considering the expert only, in this case, your doctor.

(To know more about indigestion during pregnancy and its remedy read: Indigestion during pregnancy)

Urine Odor

According to a research conducted on sweat of human the after fenugreek ingestion and it has been observed  that compounds responsible for the strong maple-syrup odor present in sweat and urine after feeding fenugreek are due to the components which are β-caryophyllene,  pinene; 3-octen-2-one, 2,5-dimethyl pyrazine, 4-isopropyl-benzaldehyde; neryl acetate β-; camphor; terpinen-4-ol; and neryl acetate but it has been observed that 2,5-dimethyl pyrazine is the major component responsible for sweat and urine odor contributing compound. This is not a harmful at all as long as it is not be mistaken for maple syrup disease, which is a dangerous and rare disease.

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Allergic effects

The agent that diminishes or intensifies the immune responses is known as the immunomodulator and these effects are called as immunomodulatory effects. According to a research work performed on the effect of fenugreek on stimulatory the immunomodulatory effect it has been evidenced that there was the change in body weight, change in relative thymus weight,  late type of hypersensitivity response has been observed, a lymph proliferation and increase in phagocytic index and  variation in the phagocytic capacity of macrophages significantly has been reported. In lame language fenugreek may manifest itself with wheezing, swelling, coughing, nasal congestion, or other severe conditions.


Depending on when you are consuming fenugreeks can be beneficial as well as harmful. Fenugreeks induce labor, it will benefit If your delivery date is upon you. But, if this same effect appears before completion of your pregnancy, it may end up in pre-term birth or even miscarriage.

Lower the blood sugar

The fenugreeks seeds have been associated with hypoglycemic effects. Dietary fiber present in fenugreek binds glucose after a meal. The mechanisms for these effects are subject to under research. Fenugreek seeds loaded with  45.4% dietary fibers (which are 32% insoluble and 13.3% soluble, and the gum present in it is composed of mannose and galactose. The latter compounds are mainly responsible for the reduced glycemic effect.

Anencephaly effect

Studies carried on pregnant mice have shown that when pregnant mice were feed with fenugreeks their infant shows anencephaly effects. There is no such research have been done on humans or any case have been reported yet.

Interaction with drugs

It has been observed that Fenugreeks seeds slow down the effect of blood clotting medicines like clopidogrel, ibuprofen, naxopren, dalteparin aspirin, diclofenac, etc

To know about the recipes of fenugreeks seeds please read the next article

This article is for teaching purpose only. Please, talk to an expert. In the case of pregnancy, consult your doctor before you decide to enjoy fenugreek in your daily diet. Better play safe than sorry!

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