Best of luck

I am taking garbh sanskar classes & following Dr Anand Dhingra’s cocktail of different therapies like surya chikitsa, yagna chikitsa, pran chitiksa, ayurved, naturopath, mantra, meditation, psychotherapy, yoga, food therapy, psychotherapy & so many others.
I especially enjoyed garbh samwad technique, pranakarshan techinque & yog nidra. When Dr Anand Dhingra takes garbh samwad class I go into deepest trance stage with excellent concentration which I have never achieved in life before this class. In this stage I can greatly imagine every part of my child in the womb; I give best possible sanskaras to my unborn child in this stage. During pranakarshan technique I feel immense energy flow of energy in my & my unborn child body. He tries to fill & permanently link immense cosmic energy to our unborn baby, this process definitely should refine mind, body & soul of unborn child in very positive manner. The most beautiful & attractive part of this course is that it is not related to physical body only, it is for overall development of personality through purification, development & refinement of all plinth of mind, body & soul level. Presently I am in 6th month of pregnancy phase. I am taking classes from preconception phase. During planning phase we purified our body, took herbal medicines to increase quality of sperm & ovum, invite great soul during conception. I want to see my child in the category of swami Vivekananda & Albert Einstein. I hope if foundation is strong, present is full of satisfaction then future surely should be very bright. I will surely like to update you in the end of this year. Till that time best of luck & yes if you are planning or already in pregnancy stage, then I will strongly recommend you to attend this class.
Mrs. Urmila Kumar, Indore (M.P.)