By the term ”Parents”, I am referring to the health

As the land so the water, As the seed so the Sprout,
As the region so the language, As the king so the people
As you sow , so shall you reap.
Garbh Sanskar classes are based upon this universal principle.
To further elaborate this, I would say “As the parents so the child”. By the term ”Parents”, I am referring to the health of the parents. Your health is the reflection of your actions ( Karma ). If you are into bad eating habits, it will affect your health. Your body responds to whatever you offer to it. If you offer sacred food to it, your body will become a temple. If you offer unsacred food to your body, your body will become a hell for you. Your health is most important when you plan for a child.
Me and my wife always believed that there are some secrets behind giving birth to a healthy and noble child. The only thing was that we never knew those secrets. These secrets are hidden in Ayurveda. But who would have shared those secrets with us ? We knew that there are sanskars performed at various stages of life. So, we wondered if there would be sanskars related to pregnancy as well. May be we would find solutions to our query in sanskars related to pregnancy. We started searching on the internet for a source where we could find the solutions to our questions. We found a lot of websites giving information about pregnancy. But, none of them gave us what we were looking for. We wanted to find a teacher who is passionate for guiding couples to give birth to noble children. One who understands the importance of divine souls taking birth on the planet Earth. This world needs more and more divine souls to bring happiness all around.
During our search on internet we came across this website “”. We were very happy to find that we can get the lectures on the “SKYPE”. This gives us the flexibility to get lectures from the comfort of our home. We decided to speak to Dr. Anand Dhingra over phone to get more details about the course. We were amazed with the amount Ayurveda knowledge that Dr. Dhingra carries with him. We became more confident after knowing that he is a professional doctor who is in charge of ICU in different hospitals. Above all, we could feel lot of positive vibrations while talking to him which helped us to believe that we are on the track and talking to the right person. In other words, we knew that we had found the noble teacher that we were looking for so long.
We had started the Garbh Sanskar classes around 6 months prior to conception date. We came to know so much about the preparations to be done before conception. Based upon Dr. Anand’s advice we went to Gayatri Dham Ashram Sendhwa managed by Pandit Mewa Lal Patidar Ji for a 10 day residential course of mind body soul purification. This ashram is managed by a non profit organization. Our lives had changed after coming to this ashram. We could feel the changes in our health. We were so fresh and energetic whole day. This was never the case before visiting the ashram. I used to suffer from High BP but just after 3 days my BP was normal and it remained normal thereafter because of the correct guidance about food by Dr. Anand. My wife’s BP was normal through out pregnancy. Her Hb never dropped below 11.5 and most of the time it was around 13. This is considered excellent. This was all possible because the hard work done before conception and consumption of correct food after conception. Because of Dr. Anand, we met Shri Parmar Ji. He is a divine soul in physical body who performed Punsavan Sanskar for us. Pusavan sanskar are very important for the child inside the mother’s womb. Child is spiritually instructed to perform good deeds after coming to the world. Dr. Anand always attended our phone calls and answered to our doubts after the lectures. My wife’s pregnancy was smooth and without any complications throughout the 9 months. She gave birth to a beautiful girl in the month of May 2013 and above all it was a normal delivery. And doctors said that “rarely we see such smooth delivery”. My daughter’s weight was 3.5 Kgs at the time of birth. My daughter started holding and moving neck just after 5 days of birth. She is always on the top of the baby health chart. She started imitating small facial gestures like taking the tongue out just after 40 days. She started griping from very first few days. She is quick learner. She greets everyone with a smile. She is a healthy and radiant child. She is very calm and yet active girl. All credit goes to the knowledge shared by Dr. Anand.
We are blessed to find divine and passionate souls like Dr. Anand, Shri. Parmar Ji and Pandit Mewalala Patidar Ji. They stood by us throughout the pregnancy.
Thanks n Regards,