Faith I got from only

First of all apologies for the delay in writing this well deserved testimonial .It has been more than a year now but I still feel connected with Garbh Sanskar classes /lectures and time spent meditating ,it still is fresh in my mind.My baby girl is a blessing to me and my family.
The day I joined your classes ,I knew she would be just fine and ahead in her mile stones . She would be happy and healthy baby ,always smiling .. And I was right !
Being pregnant at the age of 38, I was very much worried about the health of the baby .My doctor did all sort of tests to make sure age doesn't impact baby and we have a normal child .Doctor said there are high risks of having issues like down syndrome and all . So I had to undergo lot of tests . All those tests were scary but I got strong faith that super powers are with us and everything will be fine . This faith I got from only 'GARBH SANKAR' classes.
I just wanted a normal healthy baby ,but I definitely got much more than I expected. Garbh Sanskar gave me such a positive vibes from the beginning and the meditation took me to the another world .Took away all my negative thoughts ,filled in positive energy ,belief that we have the best stored for us and superpowers are with my baby and my family.
Now this past 1 year journey with the baby has been so smooth .. not much cries .. no inconvenience .. no frequent waking up in the nights .. no doctor visits except ( scheduled well visits ) .. no cold.. no fever … no picky eater .. smooth breast feeding and weaning … I was able to smoothly resume back to office after 3 months and worked crazy like 9- 12 hours a day ..
She also brought promotions for me and my husband at work *:) happy ..
I always remembered the story you mentioned about the baby who was not burped and was no more ..So I always tried to burp my baby but she never burped after any feeding .. I used to keep holding her for long time to burp but she never did . I spoke to the doctor and he said " She doesn't have gas " .. I mean she never had gas for the whole year .. isn't that amazing . while my son used to cry the whole night due to gas when he was small.She never did potty in the night from day 1.. even during the day when she had to .. she would wake up and do it .. She never did in her sleep .. never .. thats how aware/alert she is !!
Ahana ( my baby) acheived her milestones much ahead .. She turned her head from one side to other while on floor on her tummy after one week only .She was able to hold her head within weeks … She crawled at 5 months and started walking at 10 months .. Now she is saying lot of words and trying to talk more . she communicates very well about her needs / feelings etc .She is running ,kicking the ball.throwing ball ,started doing board puzzles and is calmer than her brother( She is 16 months old now and her brother is 7 years old ) .. I always meditated on her balanced brain … and I can see the results ..
Thankyou very much !!
She already knows which things belongs to whom in the family .. good observant .Wants to feed herself and her Dad ( me too sometimes ).. When her dad is ready to go to office ,she brings socks/ drags his laptop bag and hands over lunch box to him which he lovesssssssss so much !! I believe this is all because of Garbh Sanskar amazing classes ..I recommend all my friends to do these classes and sit back and enjoy the ride with amazing souls.Cant thank you enough .. I would love to still be part of your meditaion classeswhen ever possible and keep up the good work. Hope to meet up sometime and learn more .. Thank you so much !
Roma Koul
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