I am happy

Hello Everyone,
I would like to share my experience with my pregnancy. I am very happy to tell you all that we are blessed with a baby boy in December 2013 and it was normal delivery.
To start with let me tell you that before pregnancy I was suffering from sciatica (back pain) from long time and had couple of treatments to cure it. Though I got temporary relief from those treatments it used to come back. I needed some good knowledgeable person to help me come out of it and guide me for my future plans. With Gods blessing I came to know about Dr. Anand Dhingra (Divyagarbhsanskar.com). Dr.Dhingra has very good knowledge and his expertise in different fields like Ayurveda, Spiritual, and Medicine guided me to solve many complex situations in simple harmless ways. Dr. Dhingra asked me to attend Body Purification Program for 10 days at Sendhwa(MP). After attending that program I felt good changes in my body, and then I was able to plan a baby.
In next three months only I got pregnant. During different stages of my Pregnancy I was getting constant guidance from Dr.Dingra regarding what to eat, what not toeat, what prayers to be performed, how to be performed, how to take care about the baby, etc.
During my whole pregnancy I didn't face minor issues like vomiting, nausea, constipation, body pain, not even back pain. I tried to follow very minor things as recommended by Dr.Dhingra which helped me greatly. During pregnancy I was always thinking that my baby should be born on very special day and baby was born on December 7th which is very lucky day for me.
That was about my pregnancy but I would like to share some thing about my little prince too. As I already said that I had normal delivery and he was born after completing 40 weeks of pregnancy with 7 pounds weight & 20 inches height. Dr.Dhingra says, whatever you think during pregnancy it will reflect in your baby.
I was always thinking that my baby would have dimples and he has very good dimples. When he was born he had test for jaundice, and it came negative. Usually in winter, in USA it mostly comes positive which is common.
After a week he was born we went to his paediatrician for 1st time and his weight was still same (7 pounds). Paediatrician said usually baby looses weight in first week. Before I end my experience, I would also like to tell that Dr.Dhingra always treats me like his younger sister. This reduced my hesitation to talk to him. Although we never meet each other. He always cleared all my questions patiently. His classes are very regular and helpful. He covered all very special topics, which we normally can’t imagine. I am very happy for my baby now and lots of thanks to Dr.Dhingra.