I hope you will definitely like it

Hi, I am Mrs. Swati soni from indore. I came to know about garbh sanskar classes when I was in 3rd month of pregnancy. I consulted Dr. Anand Dhingra, took free introductory lecture to clear my concepts.
I found it highly precious for the future of my upcoming unborn child. So I joined the class and started following all the lessons taught in the class. I have very strong family history of high blood pressure and unfortunately I suffered from very high blood pressure during pregnancy. Swelling was coming on my face & feet. I became irritable. I was on tab alpha dopa for high blood pressure. I told these all problem to Dr. Anand Dhingra. He took a special session on my problem & prescribed life style & herbal medicines.
And just within few days miracle happened. My blood pressure came in normal range 110/70 without tab alpha dopa. Swelling disappeared. I became cool & calm. Now I am in 6th month of pregnancy period & recently got excellent report of target scan. I am following sun therapy along with surya kriya yog & sun gazing, doing yagna with special mantra on special samvidha with garbh pushthi herbs for mind, body & soul nourishment of upcoming child, following specially designed daily protocol, chanting mantra with beej mantra and meditation. During garbh sanwad & pranakarshan technique I go into deepest stage of meditation where conscious body goes into total relaxation phase & interaction with subconscious mind happen in full swing. In this stage I with Dr. Anand Dhingra work on the brain & body of unborn baby to make the child a great personality. I swear that I have not gone into this type of deepest trance stage in my life before. In this technique I feel that an aura of cosmic energy has dragged me into this stage. Once I was suffering from dry irritating cough & I came into garbh samwad class. It was not possible to attend me that class comfortable with dry irritating cough. Dr. Anand Dhingra taught me healing amrat varsha technique & you will wonder that I didn’t have a single episode of cough during entire class. Energy works with shraddha (faith) & samarpan ( devotation ). If we have these both things, we can definitely get ultimate results. I will suggest expected couples to at least take free introductory lecture to clear concepts. I hope you will definitely like it.
Mrs. Swati soni Indore (M.P.)