I will really appreciate

I am Dr. Barod from Indore. I got a pamphlet of Dr Anand Dhingra about garbh sanskar and inspired for this program. That time my bahu (wife of younger brother) was 6 months pregnant.
It was a twin’s pregnancy, so there were always chances of complication. I called my bahu from village and consulted Dr. Anand Dhingra for garbh sankar. He taught her in very simple & practical way. I will really appreciate that my bahu practised all the method without any missing even in peak winter season. And the result was really wonderful. Delivery happened on proper time, although it was caesarean delivery and my bhaiya, bahu blessed with 2 baby girls. Their weight was 2.28kg & 2.5kg. Although my bahu is short heighted, in spite of this weight of both babies was good enough. Both babies are highly active since their birth and crossing their mile stone at very right time. Normally in Indian scenario in twins pregnancy, delivery happens before time with average weight of 1.4 – 1.5. Kg and paediatrician has to keep new born babies in incubator. Thanks a lot for highly efficient garbh sanskar program for giving us miraculous results.
Dr. Subhash Barodh
M.B.B.S., D.T.C.T.
Mobile no.-09425081803
Indore (M.P.)