I’d strongly recommend taking this program

I got to know about Dr. Dhingra’s pregnancy program when I was 2 months pregnant. I saw the 1-hour video on YouTube and thereafter arranged the free trial classes with him. I was immediately hooked up after I took the trial classes with him and realised that the program would be a good value add.
Before I start sharing the details of the program I have to summarize it in one line – “It Works and is nothing but Awesome”!!!
I’d strongly recommend taking this program if you want to have a smooth pregnancy and aspire to have a healthy child with no complications.
Dr. Dhingra takes classes on every weekend to so it’s really convenient for working women. He teaches lot of therapies and recommends good literature that works wonders in nourishing your child and your own personality too. In fact, during the program one of my long and sustained health problem got solved. I had a severe constipation issue since childhood and I always wondered how to deal with it as I had heard, during pregnancy it becomes even more irritable. Dr. Dhingra suggested the sun therapy (consuming water kept in sun for 6-8 hours) I followed it diligently and I must say that I never had an irritable bowel movement since then. This was nothing but a miracle for me and I’m still following this therapy and will probably do for lifetime. Other miraculous therapies that I followed were Moon therapy, Yagna therapy, Garbh Samvaad, Gayatri Mantra therapy and Food therapy (knowledge on super foods, Ayurveda concepts/medicines, yoga and contra-indicated foods). Everything adds up to make you feel positive, healthy and good about yourself.
I had undergone an IVF treatment so I was recommended the bed rest in the beginning of pregnancy but ever since I joined the program, I started getting better and my bed rest was also called off within weeks. I kept following the classes and suggested medicines very diligently as a result of which my pregnancy went very smooth throughout. I delivered my baby girl via natural vaginal delivery during 39th week (she was 7 pounds and 18 inches), in fact my labor and delivery went through like a breeze. I delivered my baby in less than 3 hours (yes it’s hard to believe). It’s a bit funny but I had breakfast in the morning at home and lunch with my baby girl in the hospital J. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were very surprised too and mentioned that it went very fast considering it was my first pregnancy (usually the labor lasts for 10-14 hours during first time pregnancy). For me it was a biggest miracle of my life and I am thankful to Dr. Dhingra for all his guidance throughout my pregnancy. My baby just turned 6 weeks and is an absolutely healthy and happy child. Her jaundice test came out negative (uncommon in USA) and all her remaining tests were normal too. Her weight was normal and all her vitals have been above average so far in all our pediatrician appointments. I am very sure that she is going to develop nicely from here on and will meet all expected milestones as a result of the wonderful program her mommy went through ????
I cannot express enough thanks to Dr. Dhingra and wish him all the very best in this wonderful and magical journey that he is a master of. He was always available to answer my questions through email, phone and video chats and in a very warm manner.
Many Thanks!
Anjali Chauhan (USA)