My happiness has no limits

First of all I would like to congratulate Dr. Anand Dingra for starting unique antenatal classes on Garb Sanskar, a program of educating fetus in womb of all desired good qualities, ethics and moral values which actually is the dire need of time. Also I consider myself extremely blessed and fortunate to have received this guidance at the right time.
Beginning of new relation: I would always like to remember the day when it just happened that while browsing for online Garb Sanskar courses, I opened Divya Garb Sanskar website and called up Anand ji for details. I was absolutely thrilled and excited by simply hearing contents that he would cover during pregnancy tenure. My happiness has no limits because I wanted to do all that for my baby that course covered and hence I got connected with it. The relation that started on the auspicious day with a simple phone call finally materialized into brother – sister during 2013 Navratra in Shanti Kunj… what else could I ask for!!!
I as a person had always believed in Garbh Sanskar i.e. educating fetus in womb but my idea of Garbh Sanskar was confined to listening music, healthy life style, healthy food, reading spiritual books, thinking positive etc. which I think all would be mothers have such things in mind. But what Anand ji offers is beyond our normal course of thinking. Also it is not only baby who is benefitting but mother also tends to evolve spiritually and become more refined person and that is exactly what has happened to me. My mother and husband always tell me I am completely different person after baby birth and I think this transformation started during pregnancy which taught me to remain in positive state of mind irrespective of any circumstances.
Pregnancy Tenure: My pregnancy tenure I would like to describe as one of the “smoothest” ever witnessed by my mother’s (my mom and mother in law along with other family members, relatives and friends). During the entire tenure of pregnancy I have not taken any single medicine except nutritional supplements. I have not faced any single problems like mood swings, acidity, back pain, stretch marks, constipation, swelling, lack of appetite etc in any of trimesters. And during pregnancy also I was feeling as light as feather that too even one day before delivery. I had c-sec because baby’s crown had not fully descended into pelvic girdle and water bag had already broken so my gynecologist opted for c-sec… eve after c-sec I was back to normal in two days and went out to buy groceries after one week of delivery… such was an amazing recovery. “My gynac also said this kind of recovery is 1 in 10 cases”. I attribute all this to able guidance given by Anand ji in each and every phase of my pregnancy. Memories of my first pregnancy experience is something I would like to carry in mind my always.
Also I see myself an evolved person more mature while taking decisions, very simple & straight thinking and always in happy thoughts. “I realized that we don’t need reason to be happy” and this is my biggest learning. So my experience says Garbh Sanskar is not only for babies it is for mothers and eventually it gets extended to entire family.
Baby tenure in Womb: Right from first sonography to last one I have been hearing one sentence from my sonography doctor on consistent basis and that was “everything is perfectly normal and all the very best”. My baby in womb has been growing very well in each trimester based on parameters like weight, heartbeat, movements, development of different parts and other technical parameters etc. (have mentioned only few)… my gynac always said after examination “baby is moving really very well”. Baby was very active in womb with a record of 120 kicks in 15 minutes in eight month. I had practiced Grab Samvad technique very intensely and see can results of it now.
Welcoming Baby: I was very keen that my baby should come to this beautiful world under very auspicious nakshatra (which I had decided in advance) and exactly that happened… baby was born under same auspicious nakshatra pre-decided by us. Baby came on very special day he took my date and my husband month and was born on 22nd Nov 2013. Within 20 minutes of birth when my doc came to show me my baby for the first time… his eyes were wide open and when I said “hello my Baby” he turned his head and looked straight in my eyes as if we were knowing each other and met after long time. That was amazing and priceless moment of life which I will never ever forget in my lifetime…I could not believe myself baby of just 20 mins old responded so well hearing my voice and this all happened in OT. I sincerely attribute this to Garb Samvad along with combination of other techniques which I practiced intensely all the time in pregnancy under able guidance of Anand ji.
Baby growth milestones: Our pediatrician while examining baby on third day demonstrated us something that was amazing. While on routine examination on third day he observed baby was doing in-out movements of fingers and thumb which as per him is the milestone that baby has already achieved. He attributed this to fine motor development and said baby has strong reflexes and an alert mind. This was something which surprised us to a great extent but was happy and thankful to Anand ji every time. Without his systematic and divine guidance this was just impossible to achieve. After one week total weight loss was just 50 grams and weight, height and brain circumference growth parameters were perfectly normal. My baby’s head and neck was movement also achieved within first week of birth.
My baby started recognizing my touch after one month only… which was again surprise to me but was enjoying all the surprises in the form of payoffs for all the hard work put in at the right time. On completion of two months baby started responding very well to family members and friends with proper facial expressions and producing sounds. Also he could differentiate between expressions like love and anger and used to respond accordingly.
Towards the end of third month baby has already achieved 90% of height a child should achieve on completion of one year.
Most important quality that I have tried to inculcate in him is being happy and that’s what he is… “cheerful at the time”.. he wakes up with big smile on his face, keeps on smiling whole day to everyone, chirping like bird. I have never seen him crying unnecessary unless I mess up with his feed timings. As I said I have kept very happy state of mind throughout pregnancy and the same is reflected in baby’s behavior now.
My baby starting calling me “Mum” and called “Mamma” also (though only once) with the onset of fourth month. He is so attached to me especially that he cannot stay for more than half an hour without me… immediately starts calling “Mum” “Mum”… its simply amazing.
I had played lot of music to baby when he was in womb and now also when I play same music he listens to it very carefully and also enjoys.
I have got these results only due to extensive knowledge of Anand ji which he shares though online Garbh Sanskar course. Everything right from diet, dhyan, sun gazing, mantra chanting, performing yagja, working on 7 chakras and 24 subtle points, asans, mudras, left and right brain coordination, garb samvad everything has worked in my case.
I followed all the instructions and guidance of Anand ji during pregnancy tenure and have got awesome results till now. My baby is five months old now. We both are thankful to Anand ji for all guidance and much needed help was available all the time. It was life changing experience for me and the beginning of transformation. I express my gratitude to Shri Parmar ji for performing all the sanskars while baby was in womb and for their spiritual guidance.
Once again thank so much Anand ji for all the guidance and I pray your program should reach to each and every part of world. You are doing a great job for entire mankind, working at grass root level.
Anita Bhatt