My husband and I are really happy

Hi I am jayashrri puppala from USA
I would like to share experiences & results I found from Garbh Sanskar Classes.
I have known about the concept of GarbhSanskar before I knew Dr.Anand.
The holistic approach to pregnancy and delivery I think is the best way.
I started searching for GarbhSanskar related stuff online while we were planning for a child. But came across Dr.Anand's website after I conceived.
I contacted him and took the trial class and then decided to join the program.

Dr.Anand teaches about sun therapy, energizing water, benefits and the process of havan, mantra therapy and mudras.
He teaches how to keep the environment – home, body and mind peaceful and ready for the baby.
He also suggests on what to eat for proper nourishment of the baby beginning with water and what to avoid that can cause miscarriage or that which may affect the baby negatively.
He suggests a daily ritual, right from the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep.

I haven't had any problems during the pregnancy after following most of the techniques the doctor has suggested. I was staying at home when I was pregnant and in the USA, so I did what I could do within my means.
I strictly followed sun therapy, music therapy, garbh samvad, yoga, meditation, pranayama and have done Navratri Sadhana twice.

My husband and I are really happy to have done this program and feel lucky to have known Dr.Anand. He would help you out with any questions related to pregnancy at any time of the hour considering his students are all over the World in different countries.
He patiently answers/suggests how to overcome issues when they arise.
I would not have gone through my pregnancy in any other way, although my husband and I wanted to begin Garbh Sanskar even when planning for the child.

My daughter was born with no doshas in the kundali. She weighed 3.8kg and her length was 19.5in. It was a C-section delivery – I think was due to the weight of the baby.
She was born healthy and looked right at both of us soon after she was handed to us as if she recognized us. Most babies would not open their eyes.
She is 1.5yr old now but she is the best behaved, loving child I have ever seen anywhere. She is more calm, composed and content than I usually am :).

She already started to speak most words, she could count till 10 perfectly even before she was 18mo and can sing most of the ABC song. When we say something in our native language she says the English equivalent word sometimes.
She is naughty but obedient and always listens to us. She is very friendly and smiling and never cries unless there is a reason.
Always active, never rests. She helps me with chores. She used to successfully finish shape sorting at the age of 1.