My sincere thank to him

"From the very beginning of my life I believe in nature and natural powers. And when my wife was pregnant, I came to know about something like Garbh Sanskar.
I told this thing to my wife and she started searching (from internet) more regarding this as we want our child to be physically, intellectually, & religiously very sound. Finally she came to know about Mr Anand Dhingra, and we contacted him over the phone. He was so confident about his preaching that he asked us to go through the free online classes and if in case we found this good, then only join the complete course. And after attending that free lecture, we have joined this league of Garbh Sanskar. We have been recently blessed with the baby girl. Though my wife was suffering from thyroid and it’s almost impossible to have normal delivery in this, but it was a normal delivery and our complete family is very happy with this. My daughter was only 3 days old when she started rolling side to side in bed (karwat badalna), we were amazed to see that. Today she is only 24 days old and we found her very active as of now. Hope for the very best in future. This all was not looking so easy without the mantras and religious activity taught by Dr Anand Dingra, My sincere thank to him.
With best wishes,
Prabhat Arora (Chandigarh)