Our joy with no bounds

Our joy with no bounds. We feel very happy to share this beautiful experience .Our journey started like this….
One day Prajna googling through various sites, got divyagarbhasanskar.com site by Doctor Anand Dhingra. We both got impressed by this unique course and without hesitating joined the class. Every weekend Doctor used to take online class with various other students who were at different stages of their pregnancy. I always made a point to attend class along with my wife and tried my best to play an active role of husband, undoubtedly course helped me to do that significantly. Prajna religiously followed the routine. Doctor gave regarding gayatri mantra chanting, soul purifying, sun gazing, nutritional diet with many other things. We slowly noticed that these things started to have a positive effect on our baby. I can ensure this will take one to entirely different world where one can communicate with the baby. That gave an amazing feeling. We joined the class 3 months before conception .We followed every routine what Doctor Dhingra told during the class. We went to gayatridham for purification of our body and invite a great soul to earth. That was the turning point of our live we learnt a lot from there .Pandit Motilal ji also gave us many useful suggestions. After coming from there we did Navaratri anusthan in our home.
The pregnancy was very smooth and painless. Baby was very active in the womb .Every time we went to doctors they told baby is absolutely fine and healthy. Not a single complication was there in one word i described it was totally painless pregnancy .All credit goes to Dr Anand dingra ji. By default baby was also born on a very auspicious day which was “Karthik Purnima” (14th November 2016, Children’s day). After birth we did not face any health issue. His behaviour is quite appreciable, adorable and Kindful and interestingly he does not have any food choice. Whatever we feed him, he eats happily without any hesitation. His catching power is excellent so far what we observed.
We are sincerely thankful to you Dr Dhingra for garbh sanskar process which helped us getting an active, cute & healthy baby.
I will strongly recommend to all expected couples/ even in planning phase to attend this classes that will change your life for sure. Please contact me on 9916275532 if anybody wish to know more on this topic.