we are highly thankful to you

Dear Sir, we are highly thankful to you, that by your guidance on garbh sanskar, we got very active & cute baby. Although we got information regarding your garbh sanskar classes very late, when my wife was in 7th month of pregnancy.
Even then we have witnessed very good improvement in our baby. We are highly satisfied with the process & guidance of garbh sanskar. We really wonder, what would have been the scene, if we would have availed the facility of garbh sanskar classes for entire nine months period. Our baby is very active, healthy & beautiful. The results are even much more better than our expectations. We are sincerely thankful to you for garbh sanskar process for really helping us getting an active, cute & healthy baby.
Mr. Ritesh & Mrs. Ashvita Goyal Indore (M.P.)