We are thankful to divya garbh sanskar

Hi, I am Mrs. Sonia Shrivastava from Indore. I came to know about garbh sanskar classes run by Dr. Anand Dhingra from my mother in law. That time I was in 2nd month of pregnancy.
I with my husband attended whole classes as per schedule. Classes were in very simple, attractive, impressive & practical manner. Before pregnancy I was suffering from P.C.O.D. (polycystic ovarian disease). For that I took treatment from my gynaecologist. I tried my best to give special attention to follow all the lessons, I learnt in garbh sanskar classes. My whole pregnancy period remain without complication. During garbh sanwad technique we tried our best to teach our child, to increase brain capacity and prana level (vital force). I did surya sadhna, garbh pushthi yagna, took herbal medicines and maintained a very good daily route in according to natural law, chanted mantra with proper imagination as prescribed. My delivery happened at proper time and we were blessed by very cute, active and healthy baby. He always smiles and has extraordinary catching power. We all family member enjoy well with baby & feel immense satisfaction by getting the child like he is. We are thankful to divya garbh sanskar & anusandhan Kendra for excellent guidance. I would strongly recomend expected couples to attend classes like this.
Thanks, Mrs. Sonia Shrivastava, Indore (M.P.)