We both got impressed by this unique course

When we decided to go for our first baby we were in Seoul, South Korea far away from the umbrella of care and advices of family.
So were initially quite apprehensive, however we decided to strengthen ourselves with whatever information we could get from internet and relatives and chose to go ahead with our decision. We conceived successfully and started visiting the Korean hospital well equipped with professionals and modern technology. However we were keen to find some information which can help our baby to be more active, energetic and start learning good things from womb itself. One day Priyanka after googling through various sites got divya garbhasanskar site by Doctor Anand Dhingra. We both got impressed by this unique course and without hesitating joined the class. Every weekend Doctor used to take class on Skype with various other ladies who were at different stages of their pregnancy. I always made a point to attend class along with my wife and tried my best to play an active role of husband, undoubtedly course helped me to do that significantly. Priyanka religiously followed the routine Doctor gave regarding gayatri mantra chanting, soul purifying, sun gazing, nutritional diet with many other things. We slowly noticed that these things started to have a positive effect on our baby. Best thing I liked most was talking to baby and enlightening body chakras, I can ensure this will take one to entirely different world where one can communicate with the baby. That gave an amazing feeling.
Doctor always used to give some important tips, share something from his personal experience and also other colleagues in the classes used to ask their queries which helped us to know things better. Also we can concentrate on class without worrying about writing down the things as Doctor used to mail notes after each class.
Friends now I would like to share the best part of my experience. The result of this course, result of this nine months tapasya. Due date of my wife was 4th June, Doctor examined that day and told still couple of days or may be one week to go. Priyanka did not feel any pain, backache or anything till that day. First time she started feeling pain was on midnight of 5th June. That was very mild initially but started getting intense gradually. We decided to leave for hospital at 2:30 and at to everybody’s surprise baby was delivered at 3:30. It was normal delivery, baby weight around 3.2 kgs. The doctor and nurse expressed that this was the easiest and most painless delivery they have ever witnessed. Priyanka was calm and composed. I want to credit this to the dedication and determination of Priyanka and to the Divya Garbhsanskar course. I want to request you all to make these nine months best time of your life not like any other usual days.
Thanks & Regards
Baldev Singh