We cherished a child with great intelligence

Hi friends, I am Praveen Kate from Indore. I want to share my thoughts and experiences about Garbh Sanskar vidhi that my wife followed since when she was three months pregnant.
We cherished a child with great intelligence, personality, humble and well cultured. We feel blessed that we were delighted by the guidance of Dr. Dhingra and got proper direction through which we were able to develop our child during pregnancy. We were very impressed by Dr. Dhingra and his methodology of Garbha Sanskar which works on all the level of body, mind and soul. The therapies which he gave to my wife during pregnancy were far behind our imagination. He also suggested lot of modification in our daily routine like-recitation of Shlokas, eating right, positive interaction, right attitude, reading good literature, meditation etc. We religiously followed whatever he told us to do and unbelievingly our life started becoming so systematic and we had a feeling as if we are connecting ourselves to God. My wife says that she was feeling a positive aura around her during that period and she was happy with the changes coming to her. The best part was when we were able to establish communication with our baby in the womb.
On 20th June 2012, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl as we desired. Now She is 10 month old and we can actually see the result of our deeds and efforts during Garbha Sanskar. Our child is very beautiful with charming features, she is very calm and peace loving always having a smile on her face. She takes a sound sleep at night and has fixed sleeping patterns. She is highly responsive and grasp things very quickly on her own. Follows exactly whatever being taught to her. Though she is very young but her keen interest in music and religious pujas is clearly visible. As per astrologers, she has very good combination of stars with shrinath yog.
Thanks again for great pregnancy class and I think this process should be carried out by every expected mother to have better citizens for our country. Thanks once again.
Thanks n Regards,
Praveen & Vandana Kate.