We sincerely thanks

I am mother of very talented 1 year 10 months child. He started speaking mummy, papa in just 4 – 5 months of age, in 1 year 4 months he started speaking almost all the words and sentences. He has photogenic memory.
He grasps most of the things in just one time. He always smiles. He is very confident & fearless personality. Although he is very naughty. He started warning us for bowel habit since 1 year of age & clearly utters that he has to go potty please give pot. He achieved all the milestones very early. According to his paediatrician my child is exceptional talented. His paediatrician doctor says that she has seen only 2 children intelligent like this one in her 23 years of practice. In 1 year & 10 months of age he can utter whole gayatri mantra & mahamratunjaya mantra. He remembers so many poems. I and my husband were already well aware of garbh sanskar, so we started preparation for super baby type child even 6 months before pregnancy. We purified our body, mind & soul before pregnancy, invited great soul in the womb during conception time. We applied all the therapies taught to us in garb sanskar classes like sun therapy, yagna with special mantra & herbal medicines ( garbh pushthi yagna), special prana attration techniques, ayurveda, naturopathy, mantra therapy, vastu, psychotherapy, food therapy, yogic kriyas etc. We especially enjoyed garbh samwad technique in which we were able to guide and give sanskaras to our unborn child in the womb. My child responded well by kicking me very frequently in the womb when requested to reply. These were really highly effective therapeutic classes. We were taught in very easy & practical manner. I spent 2 to 3 hours per day to practice above therapies. These therapies not only gave us most talented child but also kept me healthy, fit & without complication in whole pregnancy period. We sincerely thanks to GOD to motivate us to take this type of ultimate class which changed our life & filled us with great satisfaction.
Mrs. Ruchita Rajpal, Indore (M.P.)