His health and behavior is extremely appreciable

Normally we like to read the books of Guru Pandit Sriram Sharma acharya. We almost read each & every book published in Oriya language. And during reading of this books, we came to know how the sanskar procedures made by our ancients; make a positive effect in human life both in physical& mental level. But all these sanskars are not followed for us or by us. we husband and wife decided to follow all the sanskars to bring a divine soul to this world.
The 1st come to our mind is Garbha sanskar”.so we search for it in many books & websites and in last we came in contact with the Holy Spirit. Dr. Anand dhingra. His procedures and guidelines inspired us too much. As per his instructions the first step we move to sendhwa, Madhya pradesh, Gayatri dham organised by His highness pandit jee. We follow the procedures of panchakarma i.e. purification of body & mind. And then second step was online guidance with skype classes each & everything before , during , and after pregnancy.we follow all the steps and procedure in daily life guided by him through “Skype“classes before 3 months of conceive.When we prepared ourselves, he gave us a date & time for copulation and my wife conceived. We attained all the classes conducted by Dr. Anand dhingra. Finally the moment arrive that divine soul gifted to us with 3.9 kg Birth time weight with normal delivery procedure.
The time move and our baby become younger. We observed that our child is developing faster than the other child of same age in our society. The milestones we Observed as follows ……..
Respond to eye contact – 1 week
Sleep on his side – after 14 Days
Sit independently – 3 rd months
Trying to stand -4th months
Teeth on his mouth – on 6th month
Walk with support-9th months
Independently walk- 10th month
Respond to order -12thmonths
Non crying Always Laughing, having no choice of food (anything we feed he eats with pleasure)
His health and behavior is extremely appreciable. Now we are very much happy, bcoz the baby have no any negative attitude only one time he needs to observe to learn anything. If we try to write His progress and behavior its hard to explain because some time we surprise to see how he learn such good behaviors alone. One Example: when his father come from outside and he see this, straight away he goes to Room and bring water bottle and Give his father , without anybodies instruction.This behavior he developed in 11 months age. In such a tender age this behavior is like a miracle.
We delayed sending testimonial because we want to be a witness for the miracle of garbha sanskar procedure and after one year of observation it seems like a magic.
We are grateful to Dr. Anand Dhingra , to all members & well wishers, we came in contact through him, as they make our life peace and help us to bring a better citizen to this world.
Thanks again and again to Dr. ANAND DHINGRA. And wepray to god give him the fullest time and power to make his dedicated life & aim complete;to make the nation better.
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