Our joy with no bounds

“Janmna jayate shudra sanskarita dwija uccyate”
We are the manufacturer of our next generation and responsible for development of humanity factor in them. Characteristics, duty and nature (Gun, Karm, Swabhav) is the base for overall spiritual and physical development.
Garbhsanskar is the foundation to design these gun, karm and swabhav of our next generation. It was wonderful journey of those 9 months. We experienced it and got the result of our doings. We are blessed with baby girl on 8th jan 2012. When she was in womb, she was used to give very fast response to our talking by kicking during garbh samwad process.
Surya kriya yog, pran chikitsa, Music therapy, yagya therapy, positive climate, eating habits lot of things matter in garbh sanskar. One should be proactive during pregnancy. It is said that “We Reap What We sow”. Most important thing is how deeply we are involving in the process of garbhsanskar. It should be given top priority. This is the only time when we develop the foundation of our kids and this time will not come again in whole life. We are presently in Mumbai, but in pregnancy period we were in Nagpur. We took garbh sanskar classes through video conferencing on skype.
Our strong observation says our baby is excellent in both ways mental and physical. Because we made her internally strong (through garbh sanskar), her external also reflects same. we can found peace and happiness every time on her face. Her senses started responding very quickly after birth. Her kundlee (horoscope) says that she should be most brilliant and will achieve great heights in education field, she will be excellent in spiritual side, and there is no nakstra doshas in her kundali. As per a famous astrologer comment her horoscope is exceptionally extraordinary.
"It is Journey just started. These are the only footprints of result, we are sure our baby will show more wonderful things which will motivate other parents to concentrate on importance of Garbhsanskar and we will surely update the happenings in future."
Bhagyashri Bhakane (bhagyashri_mundhada@rediffmail.com)
-Phd Research Scholar (VNIT)
Jeetendra Bhakane (jeetendra_bhakane@rediffmail.com)
-Agency Manager, ICICI Prudential (Bombay)
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