I am very happy

Hi All,
Myself Shveta Ranjan from USA. In 2013, I was in Hyderabad and had just conceived when I came across Dr. Anand’s You Tube video. Garbh sanskar, it was a concept in my mind and we know this term since childhood when we read stories how Abhimanyu learned Chakravyuha. Lots of modern research also tells us how fetus grasps everything through mother. Then main question was how to materialize several things from our ancient scriptures and to adopt its practical aspects. It can be only done by some Guru, a guide and if you are lucky enough you will automatically come across such divine thoughts and knowledgeable people. I think I came across Dr. Anand's course like this.
I feel myself extremely lucky to write this testimony that I am mother of a wonderful child Harie Harsh. I also know astrology, so I will also include few things in my testimony from that perspective.
Background-I got married in my thirties and after a miscarriage already things were tough and on late track. As soon as I saw the video of Dr. Anand, I contacted him and enrolled for the demo class. No need to say that I continued each class since then and always felt blessed to have taken that decision.
About Dr. Anand I would like to start with: He is a very kind hearted, knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working person. He is contributing to the society and upliftment of Hindu culture by sharing ancient wisdom combined with scientific inputs. This leads to the overall happiness of the soul who is on the way to enter this world and nourishment of body, mind and soul of those who are attending the course.
My experience:
My journey in this course like others started with a demo class and with the first class I was so amazed to see dedication of Dr. Anand. He was always so patient to listen and understand any queries and to solve them according to each attendee's situation in the motherhood journey.
I would like to say that if you are planning a baby, it’s great. Even greater is the aspect that you believe in this concept which needs no proof from ages i.e. what Garbh Sanskaar is. When you have decided to invite a soul in your life, which I believe I a big responsibility, please do not think for a second that you should do this course or not. Thousands of money you wasted elsewhere, but I can assure you that doing this course, you will feel, it is the only thing which is real investment.
Pregnancy period:
I had no complaints. All went so smooth and I delivered a healthy baby boy in May 2014 through normal delivery. I followed for nine months: daily meditation, mantras chanting, eating Brahma Kamal ghee and all the healthy eating habits, use of copper utensil water, having soaked dry fruits, flax seeds etc.
Also, right from conception till my son was one year old, I used landline phone and minimum use of wifi and cellular phone.
I did not use any non-stick utensils, microwave or junk food. Also, followed month to month Astro remedies that included Sundar Kaand recitation every Tuesday, Gayatri mantra, doing Mathematics, painting and different remedies to make all the planets strong.
Astrology inputs:
Our mythology has different examples how the great people even God chose a particular day or Nakshatra to be born. Similarly, when we do religious activities in pregnancy period, baby will choose auspicious time which will help him/her throughout life. I am sincere learner of astrology and i applied my all knowledge .By God's grace, my baby has been endowed with a very good combination of planets and he has excellent learning skills, health and since he came in our family lots of happiness and success we experienced in our family.
He is a very cheerful baby with leadership qualities and spiritual bent of mind as we observe now. He started talking so early and when baby of his age were just speaking words, he could talk in Hindi and English both with equal efficiency. His understanding level is also very higher as compared to same age babies.
These are just a few things that I wanted to highlight among others and I sincerely believe that all this has lot to do with me doing the wonderful course under Dr. Anand's guidance and following up diligently by applying the knowledge that I shared above in combination with astrological principles throughout the nine months.
It is my humble suggestion to all: Parents do a lot of things whole life to make a baby’s future safe. They do different investments of time and money to make their beloved child's life successful BUT when you do 9 months filled with these activities as shared (related to health, happiness and spirituality) you are half done. As they say, well begun is half done!! Rather than taking decisions for kids at every step, it's much better to raise them in such a way that they can lead their own life with confidence and maturity. For this, for the seed to be strong to bloom into a beautiful plant and tree, this course is very very helpful. I got all what I wanted and imagined based on Dr. Anand's guidance and I assure you that if you carefully invest nine months, you too will get a lot more in return that you will treasure for ever.
Thanks for reading. I again convey my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Anand for conceptualizing such a divine and beautiful course that is transforming many lives.
Good wishes to all!!