I wish to thank to the divine

I wish to thank to the divine who brings Dr Dhingra in my life. He is a Guru who shown path to me to change my unborn child's destiny. I have joined classes when I was 2 months pregnant (oct 2013) against my husband wish.
And the journey started under Dr. Dhingra's guidance, my husband was still saying me" I don't know what all these things you are doing". But i used to say him to add this cost to the delivery cost .
I did only 40% of the thing which doctor told me due to certain limitations at my end. And the result is unbeliveable as I can do the comparison between my son and daughter.
I was active & happy through out my pregnancy. As guided by the Dr. Dhingra regarding food intake, I was able to maintain my hemoglobin level to 12 whithout iron intake.
Meditation and Garbh Samvad classes helped me interact with my baby. I came to know about features I want in my baby, about kind of horoscope, about qualities in my baby.
During classes, I did Sun gazing, Mantra chanting, Punsavan sanskar, writing mantras, and many more. I strongly recommend to do Navratri chanting which has transformed many changes in my womb.
I have felt the movement of my baby in 3rd month of pregnancy.
I have delivered my baby in the 8th month so gone through c-section. In spite of premature baby, she was perfectly well. She was in NICU for 5 hours only. Amazing thing happened when nurse has given me my daughter, she passed a beautiful smile, as she was knowing i am her mother,and everyone in the hospital surprised to see her smile. She has taken birth on the same date and time when my father in law died.
I think c-section was also the divines decision,as i was daily writing: i have given birth to my baby on divine day and time and in divine conditions with divine grace.
I have given birth to a divine baby. I thanks divine to come in my womb. I thanks my divine baby for choosing me as mother. I thanks divine to blessing my baby with super powers and super intelligence. I thanks divine for blessing me baby with extraordinary beauty.
About My daughter: VARDHITA
She is very lucky for us, her birth has solved the 15 yrs old legal case. My sister's marriage has finalized for which we have lost the hope.
She is very beautiful, intelligent, once watch things she captures in her mind, her voice is very clear. She sing and dance very well. She eats every things, she eats food on her own. Always passes smile to everyone. She is left and right handed.
So if the result of 40% is this then one can imagine the result of 100% efforts.
I suggest try to do everything what Dr. Dhingra says in his classes. Due to some reason like lack of time if you can not follow classes then no issue, keep a try but don't leave.
If anyone missed these classes it will be a heavy loss which no one can recover even after spending millions of money elsewhere.
Doing these classes is equally important as going to a gynecologist.
Today I have regret that i wish if i could have done all these things when i was first time pregnant.
My million dollar thanks to Dr Dhingra and to the Holy Divine.
Rachna Singh