6 Realities of Pregnancy

6 Realities of Pregnancy

There is no doubt that when it comes to pregnancy, each woman features a unique experience. within the age of social media, it can sometimes appear that being pregnant is easy. Some women neutralize fact have very easy pregnancies, with few side effects. However, this is often typically not the case, and a large majority of girls normally experience a minimum of a few common side effects.

Digestive problems

“If you are suffering from GI problems in past, like food allergies, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), gluten allergies, or diarrhea, then which will, unfortunately, worsen in pregnancy,” There are a few reasons that females may experience digestive problems, one reason being that your body is under more pressure and is facing much higher demands. This has an impact on your gastrointestinal system, and your digestive sensitivity can increase.

As a result of hormone changes, women often experience constipation, which slows their GI mobility. Patients with anemia can also experience constipation, as this is often a common side effect of iron supplements.


Heartburn may become more common in women who already struggle with frequent heartburn. “For people that have heartburn, it’ll be 10 times worse,” This is often typically very treatable though, and therefore the majority of girls take an over-the-counter ant-acid to treat this.

All-Day Sickness

Morning sickness (or nausea) may be a more commonly discussed symptom, but many people think that it (as the name suggests) only occurs within the morning which after the first trimester, this symptom subsides. “It is worth noting that albeit the bulk of females experience this symptom within the morning and through the first trimester, it can happen at any time, an honest 50 to 70 percent of girls are fairly nauseous. There are a high proportion of girls who will even be got to take medication, or in extreme cases be hospitalized for his or her nausea symptoms. they will even have an enhanced sense of smell, which matches alongside nauseous and vomiting.

Pelvic (round ligament) pain

Further within the pregnancy, around the end of the second trimester, women can start to feel pelvic heaviness, also mentioned as round ligament pain. this will desire a sharp, stabbing pain within the pelvic area or a stretching sensation.

For example, when someone is laying down in bed, they’re familiar with getting up normally without using hands or any upper body strength. Women begin to seek out actions like this to be very painful. this is often because the round ligaments are under such a lot of pressure, they become strained. To remedy this strain, women begin to use their upper arms more, move slower, which they ought to afford longer to try to do things like preparing within the morning. an alternative choice would be to get maternity support belts, which help relieve pelvic pain by reducing the pressure on the pelvis.

Difficulty breathing

Women may find that they need trouble catching their breath when doing a day, simple tasks. this is often thanks to the progesterone in your body. “There’s many progesterone floating around your body, which may actually make it difficult to breathe. The progesterone relaxes your diaphragm, and it is often hard to require deep breaths.” Again, moving slower is key here. Allowing yourself more time to get ready will assist you to have the power to move slower, and take the time you would like to catch your breath.


A number of girls report feeling pure exhaustion during their pregnancy. This common problem can again be attributed to hormones, specifically progesterone. one more reason women may feel this manner is because some experience physiologic anemia, a condition where there are not enough healthy red blood cells to hold oxygen to the tissues within the body.

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