Amazing facts of pregnancy

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy brings changes in the body. Not only the mother body but the fetus also goes to many changes while the mother body is getting adjusted with pregnancy.
The organs of women body shift from their places to make space for the baby in the body but there are many other changes that aren’t visible at first glance. Here are surprising crazy facts about pregnancy.
1. Oral sex can make you pregnant, yup you read it correct. A girl from Lesotho who was born without the vagina becomes pregnant when she performed oral sex and got stabbed with a knife in the stomach.
2. The amniotic fluid is mostly sterile urine. In fact, the baby in the second trimester drinks their pee and then pee and drink it again.
3. The size of uterus increases and can expand up to 500 times from its original size.
4. The longest pregnancy occur to Penny Diana Hunter which was reported to be of 375
5. The shortest pregnancy recorded was of 21 weeks and four days.
6. The blood volume of pregnant women increases by 40- 50% to provide enough oxygen to the baby.
7. To pump the increased amount of blood in the body the size of the heart also increases while you are pregnant.
8. The voice of women does change during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in their body. These changes bring swelling of vocal cords.
9. The size of the feet increases.
10. You know a new mother and even pregnant women can actually lactate automatically when they hear a baby crying doesn’t matter the baby is their own or someone else. Motherhood.
11. Females born with all the eggs they will ever use in their life but boys develop sperm at the time of puberty
12. Pregnancy can induce and improve your sense of smell.
13. It’s an amazing fact to know that the baby can actually test the food in the womb which has been eaten by the mother.
14. The baby of about 18 weeks is able to hear their mother’s voice in the womb.
15. At about 25-26 weeks foetus becomes responsive to their mother’s voice.
16. Pregnancy can cause gestational diabetes.
17. Relaxin a hormone releases during pregnancy which loosens the joints during pregnancy.
18. Your skin colour changes during pregnancy.
19. There is a genetic syndrome known as Turner syndrome in which female is born with only one X chromosome which means she cannot reproduce.
20. Women with blood group A have a high rate of fertility and women with blood group O finds hard to conceive. Strange.
21. Women pregnant with the baby boy have more tendency of autoimmune disorder.
22. Foetus does actually cry in womb. Seriously.
23. Orgasm can be the reason for contraction.
24. The baby’s fingerprint develops at the first trimester.
25. Pregnant women develop 5% extra muscle, probably to manage extra weight.
26. Pregnancy boosts the metabolism rate in pregnant women.
27. Baby learns its mother tongue in the womb. Amazing, it means you can actually teach and form the thinking pattern of your baby’s brain right in the womb.
28. With the increase in age, the percentage of conceiving reduces. At the age of 30, the rate of conceiving reduces to 20 %, which further decreases to 5 % at the age of 40 years.
29. The amount of oestrogen produced in a day in the body of pregnant women is more to the amount of oestrogen production by the nonpregnant female in 3 years. Wow.
30. Pregnancy can turn your once white teeth to yellow, pregnancy can develop plaque in mother.
31. The food cravings in pregnancy are actually reasonable.
32. Well, this amazing not only women but your partner may develop the same experience or share some symptoms of pregnancy this is called couvades syndrome.
33. It’s not just the mother’s body which helps the baby to develop its organs but fetus stem cell also travels in the mother’s body and help to repair the mother’s body in return.
34. At the time of giving birth to the baby, pelvic bones may get separated and in some cases, they never come back to the same positions.
35. Pregnancy can induce the Carpal tunnel syndrome in mother.
36. During pregnancy, you will experience that you actually sweat more.
37. During childbirth, the placenta is 1/6th of the baby’s weight. That’s pretty heavy.
38. Pregnancy brings the glow in your skin and your hair get thicker and shinier. Well, that sounds good.

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