Diagnosis of the bleeding during pregnancy

The bleeding during the pregnancy can be diagnosed by following ways:

  1. Physical examination
  2. Lab test
  3. Ultrasound

Once you get to your doctor he will start the medical evaluation by asking you about your medical history followed by the physical examination of your body. In medical history, he may ask you about your previous pregnancy if you had been to Caesarean delivery or any complications in pregnancy. He may also ask for any kind of pelvic surgery you had gone through any. Your medical advisor may also ask for your habits related to smoking or you had been to any recent trauma.

Physical examination:

The first thing that your physician will do is you evaluate your body about how sick you are because of bleeding. This can be done by observing your vital signs like pulse rate and blood pressure. The physician will do the analysis of blood loss cause of bleeding by evaluating your skin color.

  1. Pelvic examination along with abdomen to check for any tenderness and the size of your uterus.
  2. The quality and quantity of your abdominal pain. And how frequently you experience it. He will do the assessment of the same.
  3. Vaginal examination and vaginal bleeding characteristics like – color, quantity, and quality.
  4. Abnormality in the uterus shape and size.

Laboratory diagnosis:

Once the physical examination will be performed your physician will ask you for lab tests. There is a number of tests that routinely obtained. They are

  1. Pregnancy Test
    – The physician will perform the pregnancy test to check whether you are pregnant or not. 
  2. Urine analysis
    Urine tests very sensitive for detection of pregnancy. It is also helpful for diagnosis of urinary tract infections. An infection in the urinary tract may lead to miscarriage. Urinary infection is common at the time pr pregnancy many women do have the urinary infection even without any symptoms. 
  3. Blood type, Rh factor, and Complete blood count test
    Your blood type analysis will be performed with Rh factor examination. It is very necessary to avoid complications in pregnancy like if you are negative and the daddy is positive then your body will start making antibodies and next time when you get pregnant then these antibodies will harm the baby. If it is detected in the first pregnancy it can be treated. Blood count test is necessary to evaluate the total blood loss that has occurred. 
  4. Blood hormone test for pregnancy
    Blood hormone test is required for the analysis of pregnancy whether it is normal or abnormal. The level of different hormone in blood state the status of the healthy pregnancy in the women.


  • Ultrasound is very useful to determine the health of baby inside there. Ultrasound is the technique of forming the image using sound waves.
  • Ultrasound help in detecting the tubal pregnancy and it can also estimate the blood in pelvic and can help in detecting the rapture fallopian tube.
  • It helps in evaluating the placenta previa and placental abruption. Ultrasound is the very best source to detect the placental abruptions.
  • Ultrasound is also useful in detecting the fetal bleeding for this purpose Doppler a special type of ultrasound is been used it can detect the blood flow within the blood vessels.

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