Divya Garbh Sanskar: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice

A balanced and healthy nutritional status maintained by pregnant women during pregnancy help to grow strong, healthy placenta, which is the key factor for the birth weight and future health of the baby in adult life. Similarly, healthy positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude and positive thought by the parent ( mother, father and other family members) play a key role in the growth of the unborn child in the womb of the mother, Whereas negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, and stress injures the unborn baby. 

Hence the concept of Sanskar which means good thought is important and imparted right from the prenatal stage that is when the baby is in the womb of the mother. 

Many kinds of research have been conducted to observe the effect of the surrounding, psychological state of the mother, physical health and other various factors on the fetus.  The results of these researches are well documented and reveals that the activity of the mother during the time pregnancy ( gestational age) in the form of prayer (good rational thoughts), Manhshakti (positive emotion), words with baby(talk) or expressing physical touch and feel is not only recognized by the fetus but it also has positive effects on physical and mental health of the baby. Thus, in Divya garbh Sanskar program students ( pregnant women, to be mother, parents ) are being taught how to bring positivity in the unborn baby and performing such mental and physical activity to create a positive environment which results in obtaining a healthy growth of the baby. The Garbh sanskar is purely an intentional activity that helps to determine and develop an intuitive connection with the baby in the womb. It and helps and increases positive responses from baby by communication and bonding with baby, while Learning with Divya Garbh Sanskar you can transmit positive thoughts, love and emotions to the fetus, so that the unborn baby becomes happier, the likelihood of calm, and healthier baby after birth.

Thus Divya Garbh sanskar provides and teaches a scientific way of editing the baby in the womb by educating mothers and fathers( parents) to involve them with positive emotions and share it with the baby during the pregnancy. Divya Garbhsanskar brings awareness to the sensation, which pregnant women, to be mother and parents imbibe through her/their five senses, which can provide a positive environment for the baby to thrive. The roots of Garbh sanskar can be traced back to the VEDIC KAAL, Garbhsanskar was the key to building bring the personality of positivity like Vivekanand, Lord Buddha, Prahlad, Abhimanyu from Mahabharata. It all happens by the positive thoughts of their mother’s prayer, proper diet, and well-maintained lifestyle during pregnancy. One can learn all this from the organization “Divya Garbh Sanskar”. The Divya Garbhsanskar is working towards the goal of molding the future generation through the practice of Garbh sanskar. 

Divya Garbh Sanskar follows the methods of Garbh sanskar that are explained in Charaka Kriyas and also has been accepted by science today under the observation of experienced Team of Doctors. As a known fact this is a time of modernization, the modern society is losing their knowledge and backing of cultural customs with time. There was a time when this knowledge and cultural practice were the strong bonds in the building of our society. Divya Garbh Sanskar fills the gap and build a bridge between ancient knowledge and modern generation with the base of well-performed scientific study, towards the  loss of awareness and practice of Garbh sanskar, due to the change in the educational system , employment of parents and modern electronic gadgets which does not leave any time to pay attention to the old practice of garbh sanskar.

One of the major factors is a nuclear family, due to which there has been a lack of communication and exchanges of thought practices among senior family members, which results in loss of old practices and customs. Even though some are aware but they cannot practice due to lack of either time or proper direction. Here in Divya Garbh Sanskar, we provide proper direction and education for molding the baby you desire. 

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