Emotional Health During Pregnancy And After The Birth

What is emotional health?

Emotional health may be a state of wellbeing. once you feel well and content, you’re better ready to deal with stress, maintain relationships, and luxuriate in life.

Look after your emotional health has benefits for both you and your baby.

Being active, feeling a way of belonging, and having a purpose in life is all good for emotional health and wellbeing. you’ll  feel happier and better ready to affect problems and stress


Benefits of emotional health during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant your baby is exposed to everything you experience. This includes the sounds within the environment, the air you breathe, the food you eat, and therefore the emotions you are feeling.

If you feel happy and calm, it allows your baby to develop during a happy, calm environment. but , emotions like distress and anxiety can increase particular hormones in your body, which may affect your baby’s developing body and brain.


Advantage   of emotional health after your baby is born

From birth, the interactions you’ve got with your baby helps to shape the way he or she is going to think, feel, and behave later in life. These interactions also help to make important emotional bonds between you and your child.

Good emotional health also helps to take care of positive relationships together with your older children and other families. they  will  help support you and your partner through the challenges of adjusting to a new baby

What if I’m struggling with my emotions?

Often one or both parents experience difficult emotions during pregnancy, or after the birth of a baby. you’re not alone.

You may be feeling like hiding the very fact you’re struggling because you are feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

It’s normal to have occasional negative thoughts, dreams or fleeting doubts.

Many things can cause you to feel this way including:

  • worries about the birth
  • lack of sleep
  • worries about how you’re coping as a mother.

There are belongings you can do to assist yourself get through the tougher aspects of parenthood. you’ll examine some common emotional problems in parents with new babies here.


Becoming a mother

Becoming a mother can mean your hopes and dreams have come true. you’ll love feeling your baby move inside. you’ll feel a way of achievement in giving birth. you’ll love holding, touching, watching, smelling, and playing with your baby. Some mums might not feel that overwhelming sense of affection they were anticipating immediately. occasionally the happy and healthy emotions of parenthood are involved with feelings of loss, fear, worry, guilt, and frustration. you would possibly think:

  • What if I make too many mistakes?
  • Will people think I’m a bad mother?
  • What about my old life?

Ask yourself many questions when you’re going through a serious life change, like having a baby.

The biggest changes in your life can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially when things don’t happen the way you expected.

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