How Garbh Sanskar helps you to deal with pregnancy mood swings?

The news of being pregnant, the course of pregnancy and childbirth is unquestionably important moments in the life of a woman. Generally, many women around the world look forward to having her children and experience the pregnancy positively but one cannot deny that certain women aren’t happy with the news of being pregnant. There could be any possible reason behind it like psychological dispositions, life conditions and many more which triggers the negative emotion in pregnant women. These emotions substantially influence the behaviour of a pregnant woman during pregnancy and after delivery.

The factors which are responsible for mood swings are:

  • Emotions and mood.
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Neuroticism
  • Objective and subjective health status
  • Social relationships
  • Relationship with partner
  • Economic status
  • Woman’s previous maternal experience like miscarriage and birth defects
  • Skills related to pregnancy, maternity, and childbirth (labour).
  • The motive of pregnancy planned or unplanned also plays a specific role in a mood swing.

If we analyze all this data we can conclude that there are specifically three important factors which play an underlying role in mood swings during the pregnancy. Among them, the first factor is a concern with the personality of the women concerned with the ability to cope up with the burden, secondly her emotional stability and anxiety and at last the subjective and objective health status of the women and the child during pregnancy. During Garbh Sanskar one learns how to fight with emotional changes and how to bring emotional stability and a stable subject and object health during pregnancy. Garbh Sanskar teaching includes the technique which helps the pregnant woman to cope with the origin of these various factors. The following reasons are listed with the origin of the source of these factors and the Garbh Sanskar remedy to fight with them.

Origin of source Garbh Sanskar technique to fight with them:

Nausea: By herbal treatment

Fear of childbearing: By counselling

Social limitation: By well-planned pregnancy

The mood state can amplify the effects of other factors responsible for mood swings, therefore, a positive environment is very important for pregnant women like support while giving birth, optimistic personality helps to repress the inconveniences. One should pay proper attention to the health problems during pregnancy, sometimes the emotional instability is caused by physical issues which result in worries about the baby.

The women’s perception and expression, in general, play a very important role in a fight off the causes of mood swings. The maternal plans and skills of women influence mood swings during pregnancy. A woman’s previous pregnancies provide a vivid experience that is imprinted in the mother’s memory. The multiparous ( women with the experience of childbirth) are always better in handling mood swings in comparison to nulliparous ( women which no previous experience of childbirth) therefore in Garbh sanskar, it is recommended to stay in the joint family during pregnancy the experience of midwives helps the nulliparous to handle the pregnancy. The social and material life conditions of pregnant women are the third root cause of mood swings. It includes close relationships with society and necessary social support promising satisfactory and safe course of pregnancy and future maternity.

Along with this material or economic status of pregnant women and their families, the relationship with a partner should first be taken into account. The partner’s support is important for effective coping with stressful events. Conflict with the partner, fear of partner leaving pregnant women or aggressive behaviours towards pregnant women increase her insecurity regarding pregnancy and after birth. Family gathering as indicated in Garbh Sanskar the spiritual rituals helps a lot to fight off these emotions.

The mood swings and the proper remedy for its treatment are related to age and the health of women, her psychological preparedness for maternity, partnership status and social relationships and some material conditions they all together affect it.

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