Impact of Kangen water on Pregnant women

Pregnancy is a phase of life which generally brings tremendous joy to a couple’s life but along with the happiness, it also brings various things to worry about, most importantly health. One needs to take extra care about what to eat and drink during pregnancy. Most people take care of eating a healthy diet but when comes to drinking they just reduce the amount of coffee, avoids alcoholic intake and drink a larger amount of water to keep the body hydrated, but there exists a very effective way of keeping an expecting mother healthy i.e. by drinking Kangen (alkalized) water.

Kangen is Japanese word which means return to origin i.e. it is water created by Energic (a Japanese company) water technology which converts  tap water into special properties water which is full of a large amount of electron to neutralise free radicals, high in active hydrogen, micro-clustered, high in ionized minerals,  oxygen and has alkaline property without adding any chemical. It basically ionizes water made by electrolysis. Kangen water has 3 basic properties apart from a basic hydrating property of normal water

=> Anti-oxidant


=>Micro clustering

An acidic body invites diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc. and during pregnancy pH of mother’s body tends to shift toward acidic as it has to give alkaline minerals to placenta so that it can neutralize acidic discharge from a foetus. Thus alkaline nature of Kangen water helps the body to maintain pH during pregnancy. According to a study, Kangen water smoothens the delivery and increases the rate of recovery after the delivery. Kangen machine ionizes natural minerals found in source water like calcium, magnesium etc which adds to its daily requirement for manufacturing of bones and teeth of the baby. It also increases lactation in mother.

Indigestion and acidity are the most common problems faced during pregnancy due to change in hormone levels, Kangen water being alkaline in nature can help in buffering some of the stomach acids which further reduces heartburn. During pregnancy a new life is being formed inside a woman thus, an excessive amount of work is to be done thus Kangen water can boost energy level and keep you hydrated along with providing balance to your immune system. According to Sang Wang, a scientist and author drinking an adequate amount of Kangen water can even reduce morning sickness (else expecting mother can face severe case of morning sickness).

As we know not all bodies are same, different bodies have different pH, therefore, one must consult his doctor about the amount of Kangen water to be taken before start drinking Kangen water because too much alkalinity is also dangerous as it disturbs the nutritional balance and may kill several normal cells. Too much intake of alkaline water during pregnancy may also result in malabsorption (a condition that reduces absorption of nutrients in the small intestine).  To avoid this problem take water maximum up to 9.5 pH and don’t drink alkaline water with food. It will simply solve this problem.

All the best, if you are trying to become pregnant and congratulation if you already are.

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