Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle !!

– Spices like ajwain powder (bishop’s weed), cumin, turmeric, and black cumin are good for enhancing fertility. Here cumin purifies the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men. While turmeric improve the interaction between hormones and targeted tissues.

– Consumption of dairy proteins, like milk, panir (cheese made from milk) & lassi (buttermilk).

– Eating soaked almonds or walnuts.
– Drink juicy sweet fruits like peaches, plums, mangoes and pears are suitable.
– People with good digestion can eat urad daal (Split Black Gram) cooked with equal composition of turmeric, cumin, coriander, and fennel. They also can eat banana cooked in ghee, cinnamon, and cardamom as dessert dish.
– Food to avoid includes high fat foods and that containing preservatives.
– Intake of Caffeine should be restricted in case woman is having trouble conceiving.
– Limit the consumption of Refined carbs, like white bread, pasta and rice. Find a good supplementary intake.
– Strictly restrict the smoking, eating a lot of meat, or consuming alcohol.
– Keeping a positive attitude is necessary when trying to get conceive. Stress can impair chance of fertility in women.
– Maintaining BMI is always a help. If woman is underweight, then reproductive system will negatively affect because of the body’s inability to maintain a pregnancy. Being overweight or obese may reduces a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.
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