Pregnancy complication: Placenta Previa

In this article, you will learn:

Placenta Previa: an introduction

Placenta Previa: symptoms

Placenta Previa: causes

Placenta Previa: who is at risk?

Placenta the Previa: complications.

Placenta Previa: an introduction.

The placenta is a muscular structure that develops in the uterus during pregnancy and supports the fetus. From placenta fetus exchange nutrition, blood and other antibodies with mother. The placenta is located on the lower side of the uterus. In placenta previa, the placenta-cover the cervix (cervix is the opening of the uterus) and because of it severe bleeding occurs throughout the pregnancy. Pregnancy with placenta cervix complication might require C- section delivery. There are chances that it resolves in the latter half of the pregnancy.

Placenta Previa: symptoms

The symptoms of placenta previa are as follows:

  1. Vaginal bleeding of bright red color during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of the pregnancy.
  2. Some women’s reported contractions as well.

If you are having any of the symptoms during pregnancy does call your medical advisor right away or book an appointment with your doctor.

Placenta Previa: causes

The exact cause of this disorder is yet to discover out. Nobodies know that what exactly cause placenta previa.

Placenta Previa: who is at risk?

The chances of having placenta previa are more frequent among the women who-

  1. Already had a baby or experiencing second pregnancy.
  2. Have the history of surgery in the uterus.
  3. Women who have scars on the uterus.
  4. Women with the history of cesarean deliveries.
  5. Women with the medical history of placenta previa.
  6. Women carrying more than one fetus.
  7. Drug addicted women.
  8. Smokers.
  9. Women Age over 35.

Placenta Previa: complications.

The complications during the pregnancy with the women suffering from placenta previa are as follows. Your medical advisor will keep you in closed monitoring to avoid any complications.

  1. Severe vaginal bleeding throughout the course of pregnancy.
  2. Hemorrhage.
  3. Because of excessive bleeding Preterm delivery may occur. Or the doctor may do preterm cesarean delivery.
  4. Women can have C- Section delivery of the baby

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