Role of the subtle body (sukshma Sharir) in fetus development by Garbh Sanskar

It’s been the question of the era when does a soul enters the body of the fetus. What is the effect of energy, aura and energy chakras on fetus development? All these questions can be answered by understanding the concept of the subtle body in fetus development. In the science of Garbh Sanskar, it has been explained that how a fetus (body) forms in the womb and when does the soul enters the fetus.

According to the Veda’s physical body is made up of three collective bodies. That is STHUL, SUKSHMA, and KARAN (physical, subtle/ psychological, causal). In this article, you will learn the effect of (SUKSHMA) subtle or psychological or functional body on fetus development.

Introduction to the subtle body 

The mediator of the soul is the subtle body (SUKSHMA SHARIR) and the mediator of the subtle body is the physical body (STHUL SHARIR). The subtle body is also known as the etheric body or functional body and this etheric body constructs the physical body with the help of PANCH TATVA (Five basic elements that are Sky, earth, water, fire, and space). The physical and psychological development of the body completely depends on these five elements. In physical body blood, skin, muscle and other organ systems are made up of these five elements. In the subtle body these five elements are rudimentary (TANMATRA), which are sound in space and, touch in the sky, visibility in the fire, taste in water and smell in the earth. In VEDA these five elements are also known as the layers of soul or the boundaries of the soul. Just as the physical body has body parts like hands, chest, legs subtle body also has body parts and these body parts are energy centers (URJA CHAKRA) of the body.

Development of fetus by subtle body  

According to the Ayurveda of Garbh Sanskar after conceiving first of all the subtle body forms in the womb of pregnant women then soul comes to this subtle body after that with the help of PANCH TATVA formation of the physical body happens. Thus with the help of subtle body and PANCH TATVA living being forms which consist of 24 physical entities or elements. 

Let’s understand it step by step:

  1. When women conceive the formation of the subtle body starts, one by one all the rudiments of subtle body forms and join together to form the body. There are a total of 19 numbers of elements in sukshma sharir or subtle body. They are four Antahkarana namely man budhhi, chitta ahankar, five pranas, and vishaya or tanmatras, ten indriya.
  2.  Once the 19 elements of sukshma sharir or subtle body come together and the formation of sukshma sharir subtle take place soul enters in that subtle body. This process takes place in 40 to 48 days approx. that’s why in Hinduism it is prohibited to do an abortion after 40 days of pregnancy because in 40 days the Jeeva or soul enters the muscular body of the fetus. 
  3. Once the soul enters in the subtle body, the subtle body and soul together build the physical body sthul sharir of the fetus. 

In the literature of Garbh Sanskar, it has been mentioned that the soul doesn’t stay in fetus all the time it comes and goes from time to time. From this, we can conclude that the development of a fetus doesn’t take place continuously but it’s a periodic process. 

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