Sunflower seeds & skin disorders !!

As per study, sunflower seed proteins will help in curing itchy and scratchy skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. sunflower seeds have naturally occurring cyclic peptides (small proteins)  that inhibit over-activity of the proteases (enzymes) responsible for regulating skin’s regeneration.

Skin is having Proteases that is responsible for shedding old cells from the skin’s surface by breaking the connections which normally hold them together as part of a protective barrier. The skin disorders that can result from this over-shedding of skin cells have far-reaching health, psychosocial and economic impacts for sufferers. This process requires a balancing mechanism to maintain healthy skin structure and thickness – if there is too much activity the skin becomes more permeable and susceptible to allergies, infection and water loss (dryness).

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