Ulcerative colitis in pregnancy

Ulcerative colitis is a refractory, chronic disease usually occurs in the rectum or entire colon. It is the most common type of IBD ( Inflammatory bowel disorder). This disease can affect self-esteem, relationships, and pregnancy. 

Effect of ulcerative colitis disease on pregnancy 

Pregnant women suffering from Ulcerative colitis have a worse outcome in pregnancy than those who are not patient of ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis in pregnancy can lead to 

  1. Preterm delivery 
  2. Stillbirth 
  3. Cesarean section delivery 
  4. Congenital abnormalities.
  5. Low birth weight.
  6. Abortion 
  7. Preeclampsia 
  8. Abruptio Placentae
  9. Prolonged premature rupture of membranes 
  10. Eclampsia 

According to scientific studies it has been observed that women in remission at the time of conception and remained in remission throughout the pregnancy do not affect such as cesarean section birth, abortions, preterm delivery, and congenital abnormalities and did not affect birth weight. From this study, we can conclude that the safe time to get pregnant for women suffering from ulcerative colitis is at the time of remission.  

Most physicians advise their female patients to conceive while their disease is in remission and to continue their medications throughout the pregnancy to avoid worse pregnancy outcomes and to maintain remission. 

Effect of pregnancy on ulcerative colitis 

According to the scientific data females patients who conceive while ulcerative colitis is in remission, the ulcerative colitis tends to remain in remission throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period, and females patient who conceives while in the active state of ulcerative colitis, the disease ( UC) tends to remain in stable state in 24% of pregnant women and 45% of pregnant women have worse outcome in pregnancy but in remaining 31 % the disease goes back in remission. 

The evaluation of pregnancy in women with symptoms of active ulcerative colitis UltraSound for imaging is preferred. Magnetic resonance imaging is also safe but it will be better if one avoids the use of gadolinium in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

Herbal and natural treatment of ulcerative colitis 

  1. Alkaline Kangen water.
  2. Yoga – Yoga is the key to soothing UC. To Ulcerative colitis, Surya namaskar Asana and ANLOM VILOP Pranayama play a very active role in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. 
  3. Wheatgrass juice 
  4. Turmeric – curcumin the active ingredient of turmeric helps to fight off ulcerative colitis. 
  5. Aloe vera 
  6. Tormentil extract 
  7. Butyrate
  8. Anti-inflammatory diet 
  9. Fruits – Apple, huckleberry, bael, grapes Indian gooseberry.
  10. Green tea.
  11. Cinnamon 

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