Why Moringa Leaves are helpful in garbh sanskar?

Moringa oleifera Lam is a very useful plant. Moringa leaf powder is one of the best vegetarian sources to fight against malnutrition. Moringa is referred to as superfood and can offer an abundance of nutrients that provide health benefits which specifically meet the needs for lactating women, soon to be the mother or a pregnant woman. Moringa leaves can be called a baby-making machine as it helps to enhance fertility in women and provide all the essential nutrients required for a healthy garbh sanskar. In lactating women, moringa leaves help in not only stimulating the production of breast milk but also enhance the production of breast milk. According to a scientific study it has been reported that women who consume moringa leaves after pregnancy produces twice the milk in comparison to the women who don’t consume moringa leaves. Find burniva product too which also helps with your wellness. 

       A study has been performed by health workers from the Church World Service and it is found that moringa leaves are highly nutritious means to cure and prevent malnutrition in lactating women, children, and pregnant women in comparison to expensive sources like vegetable oil, whole milk powder, sugar, and even peanut butter. In the case of infants, it took around 10 days to see improvement with moringa leaves while with other conventional sources it takes months to recover. Moringa leaves contain all amino acids. There are over 46 Antioxidants & 36 Anti-Inflammatory compounds present in the moringa plant leaves.

       Moringa Leaves are full of strength providing essential disease-preventing nutrients and helpful in garbh sanskar. It includes:

  • Vitamin A, – it helps in shielding against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhoea, and many other diseases in pregnant women and infants.
  • Vitamin C, – it is very necessary for pregnant women it helps in fighting a bulk of illnesses including colds and flu.
  • Calcium, – moringa fulfils the requirement of calcium it helps to build strong bones and teeth and helps prevent osteoporosis in pregnant women and infants.
  • Potassium, – it is mandatory in many biochemical reactions of the human body like glycogenesis, keeping the blood pressure normal and essential for the functioning of the brain and nerves for pregnant women it is a valuable gift from moringa leaves.
  • Proteins, – moringa leaves keep the healthy protein level in pregnant women.
  • Iron – moringa leaves are a rich source of iron. If women consume moringa leaves she doesn’t need an alternative source of iron in pregnancy.

  Table: nutrient value present in 100gm of moringa Leaves. 

Sr. No Nutrients Leaves
1. Edible portion (%) 83
2. Moisture (%) 86.9
3. Protein(g) 2.5
4. Fat (g) 0.1
5. Carbohydrate (g) 3.7
6. Minerals (g) 2.0
7. Fibre (g) 4.8
8. Calories 26
9. Calcium (mg) 30
10. Magnesium (mg) 24
11. Oxalic acid (mg) 101
12. Phosphorus (mg) 110
13. Potassium (mg) 259
14. Copper (mg/g) 3.1
15. Iron (mg) 5.3
16. Sulphur (mg) 137
17. VitaminA (I.U) 184
18. Choline (mg) 423
19. Thiamine (mg) 0.05
20. Riboflavin (mg) 0.07
21. Nicotinic acid (mg) 0.2
22. Vitamin C (mg) 120

Phytochemistry of moringa Leaves

Phytochemicals present in moringa are, rich in medicinal value. On examination of the photochemical present in moringa species, it is found that it contains a range of fairly unique secondary metabolites. It contains simple sugar called rhamnose, glucosinolates, and isothiocyanates. The anticancer and hypotensive compound present in moringa are niazimicin, pterygospermin, 4-(4′-O-acetyl-L-rhamnopyranosyl oxy) benzyl isothiocy-anate, benzyl isothiocyanate, 4-(a- L-rhamnopyranosyl tosyloxy) benzyl isothiocy-anate, and 4-(a-L-rhamnopyranosyl pyranosyl oxy) benzyl glucosinolate. Along with these unique compounds moringa is also a rich source of a-carotene or pro-vitamin A), minerals and other vitamins.

Note: it is recommended to pregnant women not consume moringa bark, roots and flowers as it consists of phytochemicals that have contracting activity in the body. It may lead to miscarriage. Please consult a doctor before taking the whole moringa as a food source while in pregnancy. In this article only the health benefits of moringa leaves in garbh sanskar has been discussed.

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