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How To Help Your Baby Fall Asleep?

How To Help Your Baby Fall Asleep?

People believe that they can control when and how long infant sleep. Well
it is a complete myth

How To Make Baby Fall Asleep

The parent can help their baby to fall asleep.
It’s a surprise but babies don’t know how to develop or associate their
sleeping pattern. According to the studies, When the infant briefly
awakens during a normal sleep cycle, the baby cannot or may not be able
to go back to sleep on his or her own, they need there to help them to fall

It’s the responsibility of the parent to help and teach them how
to sleep. The real question is how?

1. When it is time for bed, you can rock or breastfeed a baby to sleep.
It will be a good idea to develop a routine at bedtime.
2. Music also helps our baby to fall asleep. Play soft music while the
infant is sleepy.
3. Cuddling and comforting your baby during the daytime help them to
feel secure at night and they sleep easily and peacefully.
4. Allow your baby for naps each day as per need according to the age
of the baby.
5. Avoid physically or mentally active and activity close to the bedtime.
6. Develop a bedtime routine, like reading story books, rocking or a
warm bath.

7. Tuck your infant into their bed when he and she are sleepy, but
before going to sleep. Make sure baby doesn’t sleep in your arms or while
8. Comfort your child when he or she is afraid Or unable to fall asleep.
9. When the baby is briefly awakened or afraid in night comfort them by
patting or soothing but avoid taking them out of bed.
10. If your baby cries, do not rush immediately wait for few minutes,
then return and comfort him or her by patting or soothing. Then, wish
them goodnight and leave the baby. (repeat the same procedure as much
11. Be consistent with the routine develop by you and to your