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Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes During Pregnancy- garbh sanskar

In this article, you will learn about

What is diabetes during pregnancy and how it affects the pregnancy?

Symptoms of diabetes in pregnancy

Risk of diabetes

Diabetes during Pregnancy

Diabetes is a disorder in which your body can not process the sugar in blood because of the insufficient amount of insulin in it. Diabetes is reported most common complication in the pregnancy with 3.3 % of all live births. Irrespective of your diabetes type your healthcare support team can make sure to have a safe and healthy pregnancy so read tips on burniva.com.

Types of diabetes

Type I diabetes – it is an autoimmune disease that requires daily use of insulin. It is often reported in childhood and in young adults.

Type II- it is the most common form of diabetes. 90 to 95% of diabetic patients are of type 2. This type of diabetes is associated with old age, obesity physical inactivity, and family history.

How hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, can affect pregnancy?

Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are the medical conditions when blood sugar level is too low and too high respectively. They both are very common in women who have the history of diabetes.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia

  •    blurred vision
  •    fatigue
  •    the sudden change in mood

Factors that can trigger Hypoglycemia are:

  •    Skipping or delaying your scheduled meals
  •    Eating insufficient meals
  •    Exhaust  yourself physically

Treatment – hypoglycemia can be treated by drinking or eating sweets or anything that contains sugar. You can have orange juice, chocolates.

Hyperglycemia– it is the condition when your body doesn’t have enough insulin in blood or unable to use insulin properly.

Symptoms of hyperglycemia:

  •    You will always feel thirsty
  •    Suddenly lost in weight
  •    Urination often

Factors that can trigger Hyperglycemia are:

  •    Unbalanced and Improper food consumption
  •    Unstable amount of insulin in your body.
  •     Stress can cause hyperglycemia.
  •    Physically inactive


hyperglycemia is treated by maintaining your insulin level in your body.

Symptoms of diabetes

Type I diabetes

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are

  1.    Increased thirst
  2.    Urination
  3.    Weight loss
  4.    Blurred vision
  5.    Fatigue.

Type II diabetes

  1.    Increased thirst
  2.    Slow healing of kidney and bladder infection
  3.    Constant hunger and fatigue.

Risk of diabetes in pregnancy:

Diabetes can affect your baby negatively and harm him. There could be following conditions can arise in the baby when the mother is having diabetes.

The Hypoglycemia – in this condition after the birth baby may develop low blood sugar level due to high insulin level in blood of the baby. Controlling your blood sugar level can help to lower down the risk of hypoglycemia in the baby.

Macrosomia – Under this condition the baby’s size becomes large due to excess insulin passing through the placenta and because of its complication may arise in vaginal delivery with the risk of injury to the baby during the process of birth.

Jaundice – jaundice is the disease in which skin and eye color become yellow and sometimes attributed to diabetes.

This article is for education purpose only it doesn’t provide any medical suggestions.