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Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Home Made Pregnancy Test

So, you are experiencing the pregnancy symptoms but confuse whether it is pre-menstruation symptoms or are you actually going to be a mother? Here you can learn few homemade pregnancy tests which you can perform yourself and calm down your anxiety about getting pregnant. In the past, these tests were used to perform on the pregnant lady to confirm her pregnancy but there is no scientific proof or study to show the mechanism of the test. They are the oral teaching from generation to generation.

Dandelion Leaves Test

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Ancient women use dandelion leaves to confirm their pregnancy. Dandelion is also known as Dual in Hindi. In the picture, you can see how does it look like.  The leaves of dandelion are used to check the positive or negative result of pregnancy.

How to Use dandelion as pregnancy test kit:-

  1.    Take some fresh dandelion leaves.
  2.    Cut the leaves and keep them in a plastic container away from sunlight.
  3.    Submerge the leaves in your first urine of the day and keep it in dark.
  4.    Observe the result after 10 mins.
  5.    If you see red bumps in the leaves then result is positive else negative.

Pine-Sol  Test

Homemade Pregnancy

Pine sol is one of the products of pine tree that can be obtained from the pine tree. You can collect the sol from any part of the pine tree like needles, cone, and twigs.  Pine sol is like an acid-base indicator. It changes color is acid is poured into it.,

How to do  Pine-sol pregnancy test:-

  1.    Collect the pine sol in a plastic container.
  2.    Mix your urine (for the better result it is recommended to use the first urine of the morning).
  3.    Place the container for 10 mins.
  4.    If you see the change in color then it means you are pregnant.

Bleach powder Pregnancy Test Method

Homemade Pregnancy Tests 

Females are very well aware of bleach and its action to the skin. Chemically bleach is CIO-. Well, you can also use bleach to detect the pregnancy.

Note: it is recommended to carry out this test in open as the positive result will generate fumes and can make you suffocate in the closed area. This is very simple to carry out this test.

Direction to Use:-

  1.     Take about 1 gm of bleach powder.
  2.    Add it to the plastic container and add your first-morning urine in the same container.
  3.    Wait for about 10 to 15 mins.
  4.    If the solution of bleach and your urine starts creating foam.
  5.    The foam shows the positive result. Prepare yourself to share the positive news.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Method

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Yup, you read it correct toothpaste can not only clean your teeth but can also help you to reveal your pregnancy status. You can perform this test in your bathroom

How to use toothpaste for pregnancy test:-

  1.    Prepare the solution of white foamy toothpaste with your urine.
  2.    Place the container of the solution for 15 to 20 mins.  
  3.    If the solutions become blue and frothy, congratulate yourself you are going to be the mommy.

Note: There is the drawback of this test there is no description of how much urine is required and exactly how much it will take to complete the reaction.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Vinegar is the very well known and commonly used product in daily life.  The list of entitled with uses of vinegar is very long. You can use it for cleaning purpose to eating or flavouring the food items. Vinegar can also be used for pregnancy detecting test its result is fast and reported accurate by the midwives.

How to Use vinegar pregnancy test:-

  1.    Prepare the solution of vinegar and your urine.
  2.    Mix it well.
  3.    You will see bubble formation now stop mixing and keep it aside.
  4.    If the colour of the solution changes than you are pregnant.

Sugar to Test Pregnancy Naturally

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Sugar is most common product found in a home.  Sugar test is very easy and common for detecting your pregnancy at home.

How to Use sugar test:-

  1.    Prepare the solution of sugar in your urine.
  2.    If sugar dissolves in it then the result is negative.
  3.    If sugar doesn’t dissolve and make clumps then start preparation for the party you are pregnant.

Mustard Powder Pregnancy detecting Test

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Mustard powder is not only the substance that can use for the homemade pregnancy test but also relate to your menstruation cycle. It regulates your menstruation cycle.

How to use mustard as homemade pregnancy test kit:-

  1.    Fill the bathtub with hot water and mix some mustard powder to it.
  2.    Mix it well with the water.
  3.    Soak your body for about 20 mins in the water.
  4.    Bath with the plain water.
  5.    Wait for the next day.
  6.    If your menstruation starts from next day then you are not pregnant at all.

Peroxide and Tylenol Mix Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy Tests 

This is the very simple method to detect the pregnancy and relax your anxiety about being pregnant.   

How to Use peroxide and Tylenol for pregnancy detecting test:-

  1.    Collect the urine of the morning in a container.
  2.    Add peroxide and Tylenol in equal amount to it.
  3.    If the whole mixture changes to the blue that means the result is positive and you are pregnant.

Wine Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Tests

Yes, you saw it right; wine can help you to detect the pregnancy. Women are using it for ages.

How to use wine for pregnancy test:-

  1.    Take wine and your morning urine in equal amount in a container.
  2.    If urine dissolves in the wine then you are pregnant.
  3.    If urine doesn’t dissolve, you are not then.