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How to develop bond between mother and unborn baby

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In this article, you will learn about….

What makes mother and baby bond so Important.

Know how to develop the mother-baby bond.

Effects of the mother-baby bond on the Baby and the mother.

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What makes mother and baby bond so Important?

Every mom wants her baby to know that she loves the baby and will protect him always. She wants her unborn baby to feel that the baby is safe with her and she will make sure that the baby will be happy and healthy.

There is a well-known phrase that “God cannot be everywhere so he created the mother.” But how would a mother be known what her baby needs when the baby even can’t express themselves can’t speak or use sign language. That’s where mother and baby bonds work. Mother known’s exactly when the baby needs food, is the baby crying cause of hunger or from pain.

The mother-baby bond is utmost important. In the womb, babies are the reflection of the mommy’s mental and emotional state, they learn from mom’s mental state. It’s the brain of the mother which reforms the brain of the baby, his thought patterns his likes and dislikes.

For example, if the mom is happy and clam the baby also experience the same wonderful emotions and if she is hurt or scared the heart rate of the baby could be double.

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Know how develop mother-baby bond?

While there are a number of ways to develop and strengthen this mother baby-bond. I’m listing here some easier and best of them.

  1. Prenatal massage-
    Prenatal massage enables you to feel the womb in your body and so the baby you feel more connected to the baby then.
  2. Talking to the unborn baby-
    This is the easiest way to develop the bond with your baby. Start communication with the baby. You can teach or introduce the baby to the surrounding environment. Ask the baby about his choices for food or color. What are your expectations from baby? Narrate him stories. In no time you will start feeling that baby in the womb do react. The baby actually reacts. You will learn the likes and dislikes of the baby.
  3. Singing for the baby, and playing soothing music
    Music is the best therapy to heal and clam yourself it will not only calm yourself but your baby as well. Make sure to play soothing music not the noise.
  4. Meditation
    Meditation is the best way to communicate with the baby. It will enable you to visualize the baby and your bond with the same. Mediation not only helps you to develop the bond with the bay but also it helps you to ease in the labor. It provides physical strength to the baby and you as well.

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Effects of the mother-baby bond on the Baby and the mother.

  1. Better understanding between the mother and the baby.
  2. It develops the baby’s brain and emotions in the more positive way.
  3. It soothes him/her when antsy.
  4. It nourishes an unborn baby health and happiness.
  5. Baby get tuned with mother’s mental and emotional state.